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Stop Waiting in Line, Have an Avatar Do It For You

Thursday 03.27.2014 , Posted by

Uniqlo, has big news in NYC. To get ready for the opening of their #SPRZNY store on March 28th, they’re asking you to wait in line… but don’t worry, you don’t have to do it yourself. The Lucky Uniqlo Line is a virtual line where you pick a wardrobe for an avatar and put them in your place in line to win a load of prizes, and join in celebrating the store opening. Now why can’t waiting in line for real be that good? [Read more...]


Wood You Wear It? Geometric Clothing Made with Faceted Wood

Tuesday 03.18.2014 , Posted by
Sruli Recht Faceted Wooden Clothing 3

Many of the fabrics we wear are made of large materials… from examples as different as fluffy cotton and long sticks of bamboo… preferably broken into very tiny pieces. But what about wearing your fiber in larger chunks? That’s a bit like what’s happening with this fashionable design collaboration employing faceted pieces of wood to form stylish men’s clothing. [Read more...]


Drum Pants: the Drum Kit That You Wear

Friday 12.13.2013 , Posted by
Drum pants 2

Drum pants 1

If you think about it, most of us have been playing drums our whole lives. Yeah, we might not have drum kits, but our legs and bodies work pretty well. Just a good song can get us slapping our thighs and feeling the beat. That’s why the new product DrumPants is so incredibly perfect: it’s a wearable sensor kit that attaches to your clothing, letting you play music or even control smartphone apps with the ease of drumming your body like you always do. [Read more...]


Soft Warm Clothes Carved from Cold Hard Stone

Thursday 10.03.2013 , Posted by


Marble as a medium has been used since ancient days, reaching perhaps its height of perfection during the Roman era – with finely carved busts of gods and man. The material has an almost magic quality, able to reproduce the forms of other materials in convincing detail, texture and form – but it’s never been used for sculptures like these before. Alex Seton, a Sydney-based artist, has been reproducing everyday goods, from t-shirts and sweatshirts, to full track suits. [Read more...]


Wearable Art: Unique Sublimation Printed T-Shirts

Monday 04.08.2013 , Posted by

Abraxas by Stefan Mierz

Want to support artists, create jobs in America, and look ridiculously cool? Then you should consider pre-ordering a vibrant t-shirt by RaveNectar so that this visionary company can get its feet on the ground. Not only will you have a shirt that will surely get you noticed and have people asking where you found that amazing wearable art, but you will also be supporting the independent artist who created the design of your choice. The t-shirts are created on a sublimation printer, which is very new and much pricier than silk screening, so RaveNectar needs your help to open their own print shop in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (far, far from China). [Read more...]


Visual Bits #362> Wacky Creations: Furniture & More

Tuesday 01.22.2013 , Posted by

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Model Citizen: The Worth Of A Rabid Clothing Fan

Friday 10.07.2011 , Posted by

“Fashion forward-able” is how San Francisco based clothing company BetaBrand describes its philosophy. The marketing of its popular clothing is just as playful and unique as the designs themselves, relying on their growing proof that people will share what is social and entertaining. One of their most unique ideas, Model Citizen, sees customers sharing the best photos of themselves wearing the companies clothes [Read more...]


Get Stylish: How To Build A Work Wardrobe

Wednesday 09.07.2011 , Posted by

Ok guys and gals, here’s the scenario: you’re out of work and need to get stylish for your next job interview and subsequent first day (let’s think positive!). The only problem? You’re short on cash. Enter this great infographic by our friends at Column Five. With their help, we’ll get you classy and professional (avoiding any fashion faux pas), all while using a paper thin budget or even those clothes already hanging in your closet. Go team! [Read more...]


T-Shirt Charges Your Phone Using Sound

Friday 07.08.2011 , Posted by

Concert goers at the Glastonbury music festival had one more reason to elbow their way to the front this year. That’s because mobile phone giant Orange unveiled an experimental new mobile phone charging t-shirt at the loud event. Powered only by ambient sound waves, primarily heavy bass, users that don the black garment simply plug their phone into the shirt, which then uses noise-responsive technology to top-up the charge on their chest mounted phone. Although this current rendition may be somewhat dark and lacking in style, the potential future for this technology seems bright. Swing by for more on this potential sonic statement in style. [Read more...]


High Tech & High Fashion: The Fluid Dress

Friday 11.19.2010 , Posted by


A while ago, a mysterious, clever and creative web hero known as Casual Profanity created a moving fluid sculpture that captured and held our eye… the video of said sculpture went on to win the ‘Captured’ category at the Vimeo Festival + Awards. Now Casual Profanity is back with a long awaited, much anticipated wearable sculpture… the Fluid Dress. [Read more...]