25 Over The Top Latte Art Designs

Ever since coffee shops in Seattle started making unique designs in their lattes about 20 years ago, baristas all over the world have followed suit. These days there are even international competitions for the best design and as a result the level of intricacy and creativity has continually been set higher every year. These 25 over the top latte art designs come to you straight from the best!

Hidden Surprises in Garcia Lam’s Clever Illustrations

Gracia Lam Illustrations 16Gracia Lam Illustrations 15

With a passion aimed at reinventing “everyday objects and mundane environments” it’s surprising that these illustrations are so interesting… but look closely and each one has a rewarding surprise. Garcia Lam is the smart illustrator behind these smart illustrations, taking often quiet situations and breathing new life into them. Her recent illustrations for the Victoria Symphony’s 2013/2014 lineup (shown above) are just one outstanding example of how she often combines dissimilar objects to create something alive and new.

Can You Find the Meaning Behind Each Illustration?

Often in life, what most fascinates us are the things we don’t completely understand at first… it’s the things that make us work a little bit that carry the most reward. Such is the art of illustrator/designer/artist Nacho Diaz of Spain. Each of his illustrations hold some hidden meaning, some underlying theme which doesn’t reveal itself until you look closer and ponder the possibilities of each element: zebra stripes become a bird cage, a rabbit gets its own lucky foot, or a certain letter of the alphabet marks the location of treasure.

Hidden Meanings in Playful Illustrations

The way these clever illustrations play with closely related concepts is really fun. Created by artist Alvaro Arteaga Sabaini, each image is worthy of time to decipher it’s deeper and often humorous meaning.

Arteaga is worth a closer look too. At his website alvarejo.com you’ll find his personal works, along with commercial design created for such companies as Nike, Microsoft, Griffin and yes, Threadless tees.

Smart Illustrations Tickle The Mind

Design is so refreshing when it reveals its clever side and makes us think; and that’s just what artist/freelance designer Tang Yau Hoong’s illustrations do. By a creative use of negative space and a persistent re-imagining of objects, his work is entertaining as it is smart. Besides occasionally producing prints of his work Hoong has many snappy t-shirt versions of his designs printed through Threadless.

Daily Posters Based On BBC Headlines

With the hope of spurring more world news interest in the U.S., artist Johnny Selman decided to communicate his message using a more “visually interesting vehicle.” His ambitious project sees him creating a new poster each day for an entire year, each based upon the headlines from the front page of the BBC News website. Considering the tight schedule on which he works, Selmans posters are incredibly well done and clever. See his continuing daily works at bbcx365.com

Movie Posters Get the Pictogram Treatment

You may recall the brilliant Viktor Hertz from our earlier post “Clever Graphics That Make You Think.” Well he’s back with a new series that re-imagines famous movie posters in his own simplified style… and what better way to communicate simply than by using pictograms? With this ongoing project, he’s striving to find a balance between the current minimalist poster trend and not being boring… even in black and gray, we think he’s right on target.

A Street Art Marriage Proposal

Ok artists, here’s a clever idea if we’ve ever seen one. A cute couple go out on a snowy winter art walk, observing randomly placed street art around the city. But this is a secret art walk with each piece symbolizing a season of the couples relationship and lovingly created by local artists for the sole purpose of popping the question. It’s heart warming, artistic and clever. See more pictures of the works at flickr.com.

Iconic Films Caught in the Moment

“What do you do for recreation? … Oh, the usual. I bowl. Drive around. The occasional acid flashback.”
The Big Lebowski (1998)

If you could take one moment from a favorite film and watch it forever, what would it be? These amazingly well done animated GIF’s from the excellent blog If We Don’t, Remember Me, do just that. By trapping the characters from these films in short looped moments they come partially to life, bringing with them either a vague feeling of unease or cyclical humor. To see many more animations, with new editions added frequently, see iwdrm.tumblr.com or get updates via twitter @iwdrm.

Most Awesome Google Docs Presentation… Ever.

Created by 3 animators, over 3 days, from 3 different location, and using only Google Docs Presentation, this colorful and entertaining animation will make your head spin. The crew used 450 individual slides to draw each frame and used no animation software or high tech hardware… just good old Google Docs.

You can check out the original animation and all it’s slides at http://goo.gl/6MJwH or for more clever uses of Google creations, artistic and otherwise, check out demoslam.com