Visual Bits #310 >Lets Get Digital, Digital: Animations

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Crank Balls: A Dismal World Transformed by Color

In a dismal, black and white world of number crunching, three rotund characters lead an angry depressing existence… until one day a mysterious splash of color changes everything and infects the land with fun and happiness. Stop motion animator, David Bell created this short animation ‘Crank Balls’ all the way back in 2007 but it has only recently been released to an online audience. We’re sure the bright film will put a smile on your face.

It Was Hard to Avoid the Noid in the 80′s

In the late 80’s, nothing said pizza like Domino’s Pizza and The Noid. This loony claymation troublemaker hated hot, tasty pizza enough that he spent all his time trying to destroy it using lasers, pogostick crushers and pie freezing guns. Domino’s put up stiff competition with their 30-minutes guarantee and cozy warm pizza carriers. So what made the Noid hate pizza so much? Maybe he just liked being healthy.

The nasty Noid sends some weather the way of a Domino’s delivery man.