Strange Encounters: An Exquisitely Bizarre Series of Clay Sculptures

We’ve seen plenty of photoshopped animal heads on human bodies, but Italian artist Alessandro Gallo has put even more effort into this beloved pastime by making his creations by hand- out of clay! His characters, often in everyday clothes, like someone you’d pass on the street, look bizarrely realistic and somewhat creepy at the same time. Gallo’s attention to detail is impeccable and his hybrid series will be displayed in his upcoming solo show at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery in Manhattan. The series, which he calls “Strani Incontri” which is Italian for “Strange Encounters” opens tomorrow (September 6th) and will be available for viewing through October 4th.

Oddly Familiar Art Objects That Make You Feel Weird Inside. Do I Know You?

It’s an unsettling feeling when you find yourself relating to weird-looking inanimate objects with human characteristics. When a sculpture becomes a self-portrait narrative you begin to feel like the artist feels, and experience what the artist experiences. Simply by looking at one of Zimra Beiner‘s large scale ceramic sculptures you can feel confidence, laziness, hopelessness and organization. The objects take on a strange role in each viewer, becoming familiar manifestations of intangible feelings. 

Kristen Morgin: Nostalgic Sculptures Made From Dust

Kristen Morgin

Imagine that you take a sip of what you think is soda and you are startled to find that it is actually milk. There is a taste bud vertigo-sensation where your brain processes this entire experience: First, total confusion, then, recognition of the new substance, followed by an epiphany of what just happened, and finally, humor when you reflect on how silly the whole scenario was. This mind-blowing mental process is just like experiencing one of Kristen Morgin’s unfired clay sculptures. Kristen Morgin makes realistically aged objects from completely unfired clay… pretty much compressed dust.

We Love Friday! Dynamic Ceramics


Last year, archaeologists discovered the oldest known clay pots in the world in China and suspect that they date back 20,000 years ago- 10,000 years before people settled down to farm. (Daily Mail) The oldest potter’s wheels, called tournettes date back to 4,500 B.C. in Romania. But perhaps the most famous potter’s wheel is the one that led to quite a steamy scene in the 1990 movie Ghost. In fact, any time I see a potter’s wheel, “Unchained Melody” starts playing in my head- RIP Patrick Swayze. The age old practice has remained very popular over the years and many crafty people have showcased their talents on Instagram. Here are some of our favorites!

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Wild Creatures on the Wall: Dr. Seuss Like Taxidermy

Taxidermy is one of those art forms which can be quite controversial, both as a question of taste and for ethical reasons ranging from animal rights to conservation. However, it’s hard to dislike these charmingly imaginative characters by sculptor Carl Turner. Channeling the spirit of the late, great Dr. Seuss, he’s created an animal menagerie of mostly cute animals – which look much more filled with life than stuffed for preservation.