Disintegrating: Exploded Exotic Cars by Fabian Oefner

Fabian Oefner Exploded Exotic Cars 3_2

In the blink of an eye, the classic Mercedes stopped in front of you perfectly explodes into a million pieces, spraying mufflers, brake calipers and intake manifolds high into the air. At least that’s what it looks like is happening in Fabian Oefner’s surprising new series. We’re fond to Oefner’s visually stunning work, but usually it involves slinging paint around his immaculately clean studio, or at least playing with ferrofluid, magnets and water colors – this series is something completely new. And don’t worry, no classic cars were harmed in the making of these images – despite how real they look, these are actually tiny models.

A Thinly Sliced Citroën DS by the Legendary Gabriel Orozco

Gabriel Orozco

Here’s an oldie but a goodie, and we don’t mean just the car. This work of conceptual art comes from Mexican artist Gabriel Orozco, who back in 1993 sliced a classic (no, legendary) Citroën DS in two and perfectly narrowed the car into a single seater. The resulting work is so convincingly normal from the side, yet so bizarrely narrow from the front or rear. The piece predates recent ‘car warping’ sculptures like those of Indonesian artist Ichwan Noor (whose Volkswagen Beetle’s are formed into a surprisingly perfect sphere and cube). Orozco’s work keeps the car far more intact, leaving people to wonder at its functionality, how it was done, and whether they are seeing clearly.

Air Drive: Classic Cars Take to the Air

Renaud Marion Air Drive 5

Looking like some gravity defying retro-futuristic vehicles out of the movie Gattaca, or maybe Earth-based versions of Luke Skywalker’s Landspeeder, the automobiles of Paris based photographer Renaud Marion might look even cooler than their wheeled counterparts. Calling the series ‘Air Drive‘ the effect is pretty simple, but the result is seriously captivating… a quick removal of the wheels on each of these cars makes them take the leap into the future of flying cars.

Stenciled Wheels: Hand-Painted Car Posters

Manual Designs Hand Stenciled Cars 1

When I first ran across artist Christopher Holewski’s great video about how he creates his car themed posters, I was seriously impressed with the results. His print shop Manual Designs specializes in creating automotive based designs of both classic and modern cars (with an obvious love for anything BMW). The most unique thing about his work? He creates the posters using stencils and spray paint. The result is posters with bold details and just enough overspray to reveal their cool hand-made origins.

Chicks & Wheels with Vintage Cool

Just the subject of cars and pin-up girls has a retro flare to it… add the distinctly old school stylings of Florence Italy based designer Simone Massoni, and you have one tasty morsel of sexy vintage wheels. His series Chicks & Wheels features just that, fantasy women with fantasy cars, done up in a style somewhat reminiscent of the swinging illustration king of lead sleds and cocktail hour, Shag.

Crazy Beautiful Car Designs from the Retro-Future

As if channeling the spirit of the future obsessed Syd Mead, a Russian artist going by the name 600v creates automotive designs with a distinctly retro-futuristic twist. With a clear passion for heavy American steel of the 50s, 60s and 70s, he creates cars which push the limits of current car design while at the same time paying tribute to the glorious automotive past.

Wild Car Wrecks From the Golden Age of the Automobile

For the younger generations it might be hard to imagine a time before seat belts, airbags and crumple zones were standard features in cars, but it wasn’t really that long ago. These astounding photos capture the golden age of the automobile around Boston Massachusetts in the 1920s and 1930s, showing the aftermath of car wrecks in the simple yet speedy cars of the era. At the time, cars had become affordable to the masses, but when you consider that people were not required to take a driving test of any sort, and drinking and driving was legal unless you were considered outright intoxicated, it’s not surprising that these wild wrecks happened frequently.

Handicapped Cars or Hover Cars?

If Mad Max hadn’t been so dystopian, you could imagine these unusual shiny cars cruising the streets of the post-apocalyptic future, rebuilt from the remains of classic muscle cars and updated with the latest future hover technology. The strange autos from German artist Beni Bischof, remix car photos from around the internet, removing their wheels with photoshop, smoothing their lines and giving them a plethora of headlights. These aren’t really intended to be hover cars though… they’re a vision of Bischof’s strange reworking of daily life when it’s no longer fully functional.

The Mexican 1000: Honoring the Past, Forging the Future

NORRA Mexican 1000 (18 of 32)NORRA Mexican 1000 (19 of 32)

What’s better than a tour of the Mexican Baja Peninsula? Racing the entire length of it in classic cars at 110 miles per hour off road over a 1000 mile course… of course. The NORRA Mexican 1000 off-road rally is exactly the ticket if you like the idea of high speeds in the middle of nowhere, without support, in cars that are older than many of the competitors.

Manly Vintage Sweaters Inspired By Classic Cars

Featuring leather pants, a banjo and a picnic, this vintage sampling of swinging sweaters couldn’t be better. Originally from the 1972 book Sweaters for Men To Crochet and Knit, each design is named after an iconic car of the day. We’ve included a picture of each pullover, cardigan or vest with its namesake vehicle… that should get your stylish wheels spinning!

Fury Pullover