Russian Statues Protest for Pussy Riot

Earlier this year they were a mostly unknown feminist punk band from Russia… but now they have become an international phenomenon and a wakeup call to the reality of social freedoms in the modern Russian Federation. The group, called Pussy Riot staged an illegal concert on February 21st, on the steps of Moscow’s¬†Cathedral of Christ the Savior.

Chinese Artist Detained. Here is His TED Film.

Last months TED conference featured a moving film about Chinese artist Ai Weiwei highlighting his treatment by the government, social change, the power of social media and Weiwei’s hopes for the future of China. Now he has been detained by authorities which has prompted concern from TED HQ and the global community.

The Gettysburg Address in Motion

This moving example of motion graphics revisits one of the best known speeches in United States history, the Gettysburg Address. Coming after a decisive turning point in the American Civil War (in which the North took superiority) the speech is now considered one of the finest examples of oration in history. Abraham Lincoln was able to summarize the entire war in just ten sentences and in the process redefined the war as a struggle not merely for the Union, but as “a new birth of freedom” that would bring true equality to all of its citizens.

This video with it’s clever transitions and ominous war-like mood does the speech justice.