Amsterdam’s Witkar: The First Car Sharing?

If you thought the concept of car-sharing was only a recent notion, think again. Looking like little Pope-mobiles, these classic electric autos from Amsterdam where not the car for those who suffer from scopophobia (the fear of being seen), but they did pioneer the idea of a technology based car sharing system. All the components of a modern system are there: a very clever docking and recharging system, card and computer control of vehicle access with the member entering their PIN number on a rotary phone. Rates were reasonable: about 3.5¢ US per minute.

A Community Created Bucket List

Graphic artist Candy Chang has used stencils and her passion for community to create a large painted chalkboard on the wall of an abandoned building in her New Orleans neighborhood. The lengthy list, called “Before I die,” acts as a cathartic experience for the community to openly share their hopes and dreams. Candy is a designer, instalation artist and city planner with a passion for making cities more comfortable for people. Find out more about her graphic and community based work at