Visual Bits #315 > Awe-Inspiring Architecture

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Warped Architecture Takes Over The World

Buildings all over the world are getting some very wild renovations… at least in the mind of photographer Victor Enrich. The Barcelona born artist has taken images of sky scrapers from the world’s cities and digitally reworked them with 3D rendering techniques. In doing so he creates buildings that pour out onto the street, bend horizontal, extrude their features in wild directions and even expand into trumpet like forms. The impossible buildings look like the imaginative mind of Frank Gehry run wild.

Revisiting Donald Appleyard’s “Livable Streets”

Back in 1981, urban design visionary Donald Appleyard published his now classic book Livable Streets. In this video by Streetfilms, we revisit some of Appleyard’s original research, which for the first time explored the way that car traffic affected our neighborhood social interactions and the attitude we held towards our homes.
To get your copy of the once hard to find book, Routledge Press will be publishing a much anticipated second edition of Livable Streets in 2011.

Cycling Copenhagen, Through North American Eyes

If there was ever a bike friendly city, it would be Copenhagen, Denmark. At first glance, this city with it’s cold northern climate and population of nearly 2 million wouldn’t seem to make sense as a bicycling meca, but street planning with an emphasis on cycling has made this form of transportation the prefered method for traveling around… and often much faster than a car when getting from place to place.

In this video by StreetFilms, North Americans weigh in with their take upon a society in love with pedal based transportation, observing the general happiness and health of the Copenhagen population. Filmed during StreetFilms visit to the Velo-City 2010 conference, an event dedicated to celebrating and promoting the use of bicycles as transport in the urban environment. The event will be held this year in sun soaked Sevilla, Spain. See you there!