Polka Popes: Art on a Transitioning Church

Polka Popes 10

What is considered sacred? What signifies a tribute and what is blasphemy? It’s often a fine line and subject to the attitudes of the time we live within. German artist Miriam Jonas rides this touchy razors-edge, creating relief portraits of clerics inside tin-cans using a very unusual medium: Play-Doh.

Choose Your World View: A Flowchart

If you’ve ever wondered just how to classify your world view or religion, this flow chart could help. Like a philosophical choose your own adventure (with eternity potentially at stake) this chart starts with the simple question – “Do you believe in God?”

While the graphic isn’t entirely unbiased and some of the conclusions have a decidedly Christian slant (it was created by FEVA Ministries, a Christian organization dedicated to visual arts), it does provide an interesting look at many of the decisions that lead to our view of the life beyond this one. Any philosophy majors care to weigh in?