Twinsies: Artist Makes Book Posing As Each of His Fans

1 David Ceo of Tumblr

Remember “Spirit Week” in high school when there would be a Twin Day and you and your BFF would dress exactly alike? Well that’s kind of what photographer Cheyne Gallarde does for fun! The artist dresses up and poses like people of all different backgrounds and ethnicities for a project he calls Universe of One. Gallard posted a Kickstarter at the end of last year offering to create a twinsie pic for each one of his backers. Needless to say, the project was quickly funded and Gallard has been very busy recreating the photos for his book which will be out in mid-April. Tumblr will soon be featuring his work on their blog, hence the lead image of Gallard as CEO David Karp. Check out our interview with Gallard after the jump then head over to his Facebook for more twin-tastic images and the latest news for how to be a part of Volume 2!