More Optical Magic: Everyday Objects Re-Imagined

Chema Madoz Surreal Photographs 20

All of these images involve objects from everyday life – the things we are intimately familiar with – and yet they break from familiarity to surprise us with original new interpretations. They are the works of Madrid based artist Chema Madoz, a man with a keen eye for breaking down the form and intrinsic meaning of what seems common – dishes, matches, books – and creating new angles from which to view them (sometimes quite literally).

Black & White Optical Magic: Fine Art Photography

Chema Madoz 1

Spanish photographer Jose Maria Rodriguez Madoz, better known as Chema Madoz, has a unique perspective for black and white photography. He creates unexpected optical illusions, cleverly pairing objects that don’t normally go together for an amusing effect. With Madoz, black and white is never boring and he has published many albums of his work and exhibited it all over the world, winning various international awards including a Higashikawa Prize. He has also published several volumes of his work, all available on Amazon.