Russian Weddings: Photoshopped

When it’s time to get married, who is going to take your photos? In Russia, there are special photographers that take photos of the soon to be bride and groom and use a program called “photo shop” to make them look funny! Or in Russian, смешной!

The Sound of Awkward: Album Covers of Regret

Just because you have musical talent does not mean that you are talented in all creative pursuits. These 21 album covers would make even the most loving mother embarrassed to buy their kids music.

Tirelessly digging through the wastelands of tastless album art, our friends over at Regrettable Music are daily unearthing gems such as the unlikely treasures that we share with you here. Collect the whole set at

Advertisers Love These Customers!

Don’t you just love stock photo ads?! Does it warm your heart when advertising fools you into thinking it’s real information? No? Well, the new website Things Real People Don’t Say About Advertising is just the sarcasm we need to sooth our ad weary eyes. This sampling of user submitted phrases from the site will definitely get you in the mood to click some banners ads.

Got something to say about advertising? Submit your own idea at

Manly Vintage Sweaters Inspired By Classic Cars

Featuring leather pants, a banjo and a picnic, this vintage sampling of swinging sweaters couldn’t be better. Originally from the 1972 book Sweaters for Men To Crochet and Knit, each design is named after an iconic car of the day. We’ve included a picture of each pullover, cardigan or vest with its namesake vehicle… that should get your stylish wheels spinning!

Fury Pullover