How Creatives Work: The Visual Playground of Charles and Ray Eames

Charles and Ray Eames were more than just designers. One of the visual arts most famous and influential married couples, they redefined much of the world that now surrounds us. They also touched multiple disciplines, leaving their mark on architecture, furniture design, interior design, exhibition design, toy design, fine art, photography, and film. They saw themselves as educators and they were definitely innovators.

The Eames Lounge Chair TV Debut in 1956

Herman Miller Charles & Ray Eames Lounge Chair Introduction 1956 header

It’s now considered a masterpiece of the modern design world – perhaps even one of its most recognizable items – but in 1956 the Herman Miller Lounge Chair was “quite a departure.” Here it is featured for the first time on national television, making its debut on NBC’s “Home” show with Arlene Francis. There to introduce the chair are none other than designers Charles and Ray Eames.

The Past in Plywood: Swell Mid-Century Vacation Homes

When I was a young kid, I literally spent months drawing home plans. My childhood designs where heavily based off the vintage books I spent hours pouring over, little knowing they where long outdated designs from 50s and 60s America. So when I ran across this small booklet of vacation home plans from the Douglas Fir Association in 1960, I have to say I had a very soft (I mean soft!) spot in my heart for these fantastically creative and classic designs. The booklet is filled with stylishly painted illustrations of the homes, floor plans and interiors, depicting a leisurely existence of life at the lake, horseback riding, barbecues and dancing at midnight.

Charles and Ray Eames: The Art in Teaching

Charles and Ray Eames: What many people choose to remember about this mid-century modernist couple are their contributions in industrial and architectural design. Their designs, ranging from the molded plywood chair and Eames lounger to their Mondrian-esque home, are among the most popular, yet the Eameses provided the world with more than beautiful home décor: they were teachers.