This Guy Rode His Unicycle From Canada to Mexico to Fight Human Trafficking

As if the 2,755 mile Great Divide mountain bike trail from Banff, Canada to the Mexican border weren’t difficult enough, Gen Shimizu tackled it on a mountain unicycle! With a mission to raise money for Polaris Project and bring awareness to the modern day slavery that is human trafficking, he spent 88 days on the trail and documented his journal entries each night on his blog. Considering the fact that the profits from human trafficking exceed Google, Nike, and Starbucks combined, Shimizu’s efforts were much needed. From the contributions of people following the trip, Shimizu was able to raise $10,000 for Polaris Project.

Building an Innovative Maker Space in Post-Disaster Philippines

Typhoon Haiyan tore a path of destruction 100 miles wide through the Philippines last November, affecting 14 million people and displacing 5 million. Almost a year later, the people of the Philippines are still recovering from the massive disaster. Many homes were destroyed and while Filipinos have the motivation to rebuild again, they often lack the tools and resources to do so.

The Drinkable Book: More Than a Good Read, It Has 4 Years of Clean Water in its Pages

The problem with contaminated drinking water in poor regions of the world isn’t ignorance of an issue. The problem is education and access when it comes to a solution.

Charity group WATERisLIFE aims to fix that… with a book. 

Gorgeous Henna Crowns Empower Cancer Patients Who Have Lost Their Hair

Every human is a beautiful work of art and Henna Heals works to exemplify that beauty. People experiencing complete hair loss as a result of chemotherapy or Alopecia often seek to hide their heads beneath wigs or hats, but with these beautiful, temporary henna crowns, their heads become the canvas for stunning works of art. Started by Frances Darwin in Toronto, Canada, Henna Heals also offers henna services for special events and belly painting for mothers-to-be, but they always donate 10% of their proceeds to help subsidize the cost of crowns for those who need them the most. They use 100% natural, home-made henna paste.

New Light for Developing Countries Runs on Gravity

As we flip a switch to light up a room or use our cell phone flashlight to find our keys in the dark, it’s easy to take for granted how lucky we are. In many developing countries throughout the world, the people still rely on kerosene to light their way in the dark, which can be very dangerous and cost up to 20% of a person’s income. Looking to address this problem in the most efficient way possible, a team of engineers from the UK have designed an amazing light that runs on gravity and the weight of rocks or sand. As of now, the cost of each light is $10, which would pay for itself in 3 months of not using kerosene, but with further R&D the team thinks they could get the cost down to $5 each.

Running across the USA for Cystic Fibrosis

Tommy Danger is off on a new adventure for a cause that’s felt a bit close to home. Rather than raise support for orphanages and schools in developing countries this time, Tommy is running across the United States to raise funds for Cystic Fibrosis. His running journey just commenced three days ago in Seattle, Washington.

How to Raise $10k to Build a School in 3 Hours

Taylor Conroy’s motto is “destroy normal,” so it’s no surprise that when he wanted to take fundraising to the next level, he invented a platform that would completely change the way people think of charity. His social micro-giving platform, found at, is designed to raise $10,000 to build a school in 3 hours. The 29-year-old entrepreneur and budding philanthropist recently did a Tedx talk on his new platform, which we’ve featured above.

Water Changes Everything

Charity Water reminds us in this motion graphic that a billion people live without clean drinking water. For most of us it takes only a few seconds to get water, but for some it takes a 3 hour walk in harsh conditions to get even marginally potable water. The daily struggle to obtain water keeps many people occupied during time that could be spent working, learning or interacting with family.

Build a Poster, Make a Difference

Ready to create your own one-off work of art for a good cause? Just like the “exquisite corpse” books of our childhood with pages split in three and a selection of heads, bodies and feet to combine, these red-hued posters allow you to choose from 120 different artists work. With that many contributors there are literally 64,000 combinations, but act quick because only one of each combination will be printed. The project is part of the Wear Red campaign and proceeds from the £60 posters go to Richard House, London’s first children’s hospice.

To build your own visit

A Poster Call to Action: Help Japan

James White at

With the horrific earthquake and tsunami in Japan just days past artists and designers around the world are quickly putting their skills to work bringing attention to the important mission of caring for the people of the stricken country. Using the Rising Sun as their cue these posters are both beautiful and moving. Let’s all do our part and help this beautiful country get back on it’s feet!