That’s Amore! Famous Pop-Culture Couples Illustrated by Ale Giorgini

Whether it’s an upside down Spiderman kiss planted on Mary Jane Watson, or a warm nuzzle from Snoopy for Charlie Brown, it’s not hard to be nostalgic about pop-culture icons – but Italian illustrator Ale Giorgini makes it even easier. His brand of Jetson’s-esq line-work give any character or scene a delightfully retro flavor, and his new series ‘That’s Amore!’ is a tasty example.

Sci-Fi Characters Who Survived Their Planets’ Destruction


The destruction of your home world is one of the worst things that could ever happen to a science fiction character. It’s also a popular theme laced throughout science fiction movies and television shows. The annihilation of planets happens in a variety of different ways, from explosions, to war, or a gradual destruction where the planet’s environment causes the destruction of the lifeforms that inhabit it. There are many famous planets that have been destroyed over the years, and many sci-fi characters who have survived their planet’s destruction. We’ll take a look at a couple of them below in this graphic from Confused.

Twinsies: Artist Makes Book Posing As Each of His Fans

1 David Ceo of Tumblr

Remember “Spirit Week” in high school when there would be a Twin Day and you and your BFF would dress exactly alike? Well that’s kind of what photographer Cheyne Gallarde does for fun! The artist dresses up and poses like people of all different backgrounds and ethnicities for a project he calls Universe of One. Gallard posted a Kickstarter at the end of last year offering to create a twinsie pic for each one of his backers. Needless to say, the project was quickly funded and Gallard has been very busy recreating the photos for his book which will be out in mid-April. Tumblr will soon be featuring his work on their blog, hence the lead image of Gallard as CEO David Karp. Check out our interview with Gallard after the jump then head over to his Facebook for more twin-tastic images and the latest news for how to be a part of Volume 2!

Superhero Mathematics 101

Okay kids, get excited, because it’s time for an elementary mathematics lesson in superheros! What do you get when you take one man and subtract his heart? Italian graphic designer Matt Cowan’s clever illustrations say the answer is non-other than Tony Stark, aka Ironman. Okay, how about if you take one woman and add some of natures fury? Answer: the X-Men’s nature controlling heroine, Storm.

Andy Awesome & His Museum of Awesome Art

Andy Awesome is one of those explosive new talents that with style and finesse have jumped into the spotlight… and look good doing it. Awesome got his start making t-shirts of his own design but after creating some acrylic on canvas paintings to promote his wearable creations, his art career took off by popular demand.

From Batman to Bob Ross the “happy tree’s” guy, Awesome takes iconic characters and distills their style down to its most minimal. He then places them in his trademark circular frame. Here we bring you paintings from his series’ Part 1 and Part 2.

One of Awesome’s latest projects is a very unique feature on his very entertaining website: an interactive 3D museum of his work. Cleverly called MoAA (Museum of Awesome Art), the virtual gallery has 5 explorable rooms filled with Awesome’s own work and some of his imaginative re-interpretations of contemporary artists. This museum is free every day and definitely worth a look!

Whimsical Sketches Inspire: Posters to Sneakers

Here are some bold designs by the prolific and varied Dutch artist going by the name, Parra. With works that often start off as simple drawings, made with cheap drawing utensils on regular pads of paper, Parra creates images and characters that are comical, bizzare and often erotic. In recent years he has teamed up with product designers to release his own clothing line, tables, skateboard decks and sculptures, all with his unique touch. See his work at or see it all over the people and shops of Amsterdam.