Guerrilla Designers Create Elaborate Quote Art on Chalkboards

The Columbus College of Art and Design has a vandal on the loose. The guerrilla chalk art duo called #DangerDust has been commandeering classroom chalkboards in secret and creating detailed artworks of typography and design. Their creations feature inspirational quotes by famous figures. The two anonymous students plan, sketch, and execute their chalk art and, in true guerrilla style, leave the board balancing on chairs in the classroom for a Monday morning surprise.

Visual Bits #451 > A Deep Love For Type

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Visual Bits #443 > Express Your Type In Every Way

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Visual Bits #296 > What’s Your Body Type

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Momentum: Artful Quantum Mechanics on Blackboards

We see a lot of math based artwork these days, from fractal like 3d structures to Pi in the sky; but what about the process of learning math as the source for art? Photographer Alejandro Guijarro has been traveling to the great quantum mechanics institutions of the world and capturing the blackboards just as he found them. The images are beautiful in their orderly chaos; at once being symbols of complex minds at work, and simultaneously showing the erasure of those thoughts.

Black Forest: Tape Drawings Bring the Woods to Life

Looking like highly complex digital wireframes of a forest environment, these dark and foreboding works by New York City based artist Hong Seon Jang are creatively made using common school room materials. Jang uses chalk boards as a dark opaque canvas for his work, using clear layers of tape to create his many overlapping lines. The resultant images look much like wireframe models before surface textures have been rendered.

Black/White: Beautiful Chalkboard Typography

Dana Tanamachi is the creator of some very refined chalk signage. Her works have a classic feel reminiscent of extra-fancy title cards from 1920’s silent films, mixing a healthy dose of typographical styles with strong linear flourishes. Her custom lettered signs have been commissioned by clients such as Google, Adidas, EveryDay with Rachael Ray, Harber Collins UK, West Elm and Rugby Ralph Lauren. See her process video at the bottom of this post, then head to for more of her black and white masterpieces

Imaginative Chalkboard Yearbook Photos

High school yearbook photos are often something people look back on and say, “really, we thought that was cool?” I mean, what about those laser backgrounds from the early 90’s? HOT.

Not looking to recreate the past, these clever Russian high school students created their own backdrops on a chalkboard with simple instructions – express yourself. What resulted was something highly more unique and insightful than the average portrait, giving us a window into the kids hopes, dreams and passions. The clever interaction of the students with their drawings has a Ben Heine sort of feel to it, while the punchy colors and wide angle perspective add a further element connecting them with their imagination. Will these students look back from 20 years with pride at their photos? I think so.

Visual Bits #11 > Chalk It Up

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