A Former Monk is Building this Giant Cathedral from Junk. He’s Been Working 52 Years.

In 1963 Justo Gallego Martinez began construction on the foundation for a grand cathedral in Mejorada del Campo, just outside of Madrid. Though he started with no architecture or construction training, the former monk has spent almost every day building his dream. Now 52 years later, his building towers 131 feet into the sky, far above the apartment buildings that surround it.

Stunning Hand-Carved Cave Cathedrals by Ra Paulette

1 Ra Paulette

With a keen sense of empty space and no drawings whatsoever, Ra Paulette has been excavating caves for the past 25 years. Using simple tools like shovels, a maddox, and more back and forth trips with a wheelbarrow than you can imagine, he turns caves into beautiful meditation spaces. Always working alone, the 67 year old visionary sculptor has completed 14 expansive caves so far. He never has a plan for what the finished product will look like, but never fails to impress when his visions come to life.

Beautiful Black and White Photos of La Sagrada Familia


In the heart of Barcelona is one of the world’s most amazing cathedrals. La Sagrada Familia, which was designed by Antoni Gaudi and is still under construction after 130 years, still moves everyone that walks through its doors. The structure is highly unique, and while it takes inspiration from the common Gothic cathedrals found in Europe, it employs a much more contemporary aesthetic in its form. It is hoped that the cathedral will be completed by 2026, 100 years after the death of Gaudi.

Heavenly Panoramas: The Church Ceilings of New York

Whether part of the religious faithful or not, churches and their lofty edifices inspire people around the world with their beautifully detailed ceilings. Their stunning array of geometric details draw observing eyes skyward towards the heavens, bringing a sense of awe and quiet contemplation to many who crane their necks for a full view of the splendor above. New York based photographer Richard Silver has created a series of photographs which captures these places better than anyone we’ve seen before: vertically oriented panoramas of New York church ceilings that create that same neck craning experience.

Vaults: Mesmerizing Patterns on Cathedral Ceilings

The next time you find yourself in a Romanesque or Gothic european church, cathedral or basilica, lay down on the floor and cast your eyes up to the mesmerizing ceiling. Built between the 12th and 16th centuries, it’s hard to believe the level of detail and variation in these marvels of architecture from over half a millennia ago. The designs, full of intricately repeating ribbed diamonds and triangles, look like kaleidoscopic designs carved from stone… actually, that’s not far from the truth.