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A friendship between a young girl and her cat

Monday 04.08.2013 , Posted by


Andy Prokh and his wife have had a cat for 4 years by the name of LiLu Blue Royal Lada. When the British shorthair Lilu was 2 years old, little Katherine came into the world and Andy decided it would be nice to document the journey of the newest members of the household together. Since his daughter was born he has been following through… and it’s quite amazing all the things they do! [Read more...]


A Photographic Journey of a Grandma and Her Cat

Thursday 02.07.2013 , Posted by


Everyday in the world there are friendships between animals and humans. One unique and charming relationship between the species’ is the one of an elderly lady in Japan and her little cat “Fukumaru.” Together they do just about everything in their daily lives. [Read more...]