The Ghost in the Machine: Famous Celebrities Made from Old Film and Tape

Erika Simmons is revealing the Ghost in the Machine – that’s the apt title for her unusually creative artwork which uses the relics of the 20th century – namely film reels, music and VHS cassettes – to create portraits of the person the tape may have featured. She unwinds the magnetic tape inside and, carefully cutting and twirling it, arranges it into incredibly perfect portraits.

Bizarre Skull-ptures Made from Melted Cassette Tapes

Brian Dettmer Melted Cassette Tape Sculptures 1

What would recording artists think if they knew cassette tapes featuring their music were being transformed into bizarre melted sculptures? I’m guessing the guys from The Kinks might be a little impressed their album’s remains are melted into the skull of a fake dead bird – yeah, that’s pretty rock and roll! Other artists might take it a bit personally, perhaps a symbol of their long past career.

These are the work of Georgia based artist Brian Dettmer, better known for his book sculptures which tell new stories through their intricately carved pages. Dettmer creates most of his work from sources that no longer have a clear use, repurposing them and controversially giving them life anew.

This is the Remix: Nostalgia Inducing Cassette Tape Art

Dear cassette tape, your days seem to be almost over. I’ll pour a little bit of my heart on the curb for you my long lost friend, with your sweet, sweet 60 minutes of repeating musical goodness. Sometimes you were an obsessively crafted gift from friends or lovers; other times a filling station purchase of perfect road trip tunes. You made me appreciate music like never before, cherishing each song all the more because I couldn’t impatiently push a button and skip right to it.

Visual Bits #245> Don’t Matter If You’re Black Or White

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