Four-Eyed Cats are Creepy… Like Real Cats

Casey Weldon 4 Eyed Cats 3

Without even trying, cats can be really creepy at times. Well actually, maybe they are trying. They run maniacally around the house for seemingly no reason; they hide in boxes for us to find them; and most disconcertingly, they stare at us with those big, glowing, curious eyes. Artist Casey Weldon knows this so he’s lately been creating cat paintings with double the creepiness – cats with four eyes.

Bill Murray Represented in Fine Art

Roaming around the spacious Internet recently, I noticed a pattern that pleased me: high quality artwork featuring actor, comedian and all-out character, Bill Murray. I’ve felt for a while that we are both pretty random fellows and learned we both enjoy washing random people’s dishes, so it seemed to be the perfect time to do a post. Enjoy! – Paul Caridad

Murray representing other characters from Wes Anderson films in which he stars – Casey Weldon