Can Cartoons Teach You a New Language?

Cartoons are an ancient art form, present throughout human existence—and in unique iterations throughout our lives. Their simplicity can communicate a story simply and powerfully, from the earliest cave paintings to modern-day versions, which is why they resonate with people around the world.

Today, cartoons are perhaps more popular than ever. Children worldwide enjoy animated films and TV shows; advertisements feature classic characters. Adults are attracted to them, too. Worldwide, large subcultures have formed around the cartoon. Take the rise of the manga comic in Japan, for example.

These Gender-Swapped Disney & Dreamworks Characters Will Make You Rethink the Films

If there’s one thing that makes a Disney cartoon, it’s the Princes and Princesses. But, what if their genders were suddenly swapped? Would the films we’ve grown up with be completely flipped on their heads? Would Cinderella be looking for her glass boot? Italian artist Maby-Chan has been imagining such scenarios giving “Fem” and “Male” treatments to everyone from Captain Hook to Rapunzel.

Moleskine Releases Simpsons Special Edition Notebooks

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Simpsons, Moleskine has released a special collection of notebooks.

Mom & Dad Duo Brighten the School Cafeteria With Daily Napkin Designs for Their Sons

2 art napkins

When I was young, my mom would leave the occasional “napkin note” in my brown bag lunches, but nothing THIS extravagant! We have brought you brown bag drawings by Derek Benson, plastic sandwich bag drawings by David LaFerriere, and now present the magical napkin drawings of Oklahoma based mom and dad, the Kirby’s. The couple has been creating these colorful napkin designs every school day for many years. They began when their first son was in first grade and now make two a day as both of their sons are in grade school. The boys’ teachers, classmates, and especially cafeteria table-mates look forward to seeing what new design the duo will come up with next. The drawings are usually ink on white napkins and are “themed to the happenings in or around all of lives.”

Drawing on Instagram Cats with Purrfectly Charming Results

Screen shot 2013-09-17 at 9.51.08 PM

We all know that every cat has an exceedingly unique personality. Was your feline friend intended for something greater than leaping great heights or shredding curtains… perhaps being an astronaut or demolition expert? Sometimes these things are obvious, and sometimes we need a little help. Amanda Coffelt and her cat Bob are here for us, setting out to enhance the feline world on Instagram, one picture at a time. Their project idraw_on_cats has seen Bob and many of his friends transformed into their alter egos with just the touch of a pen.

Seriously Awesome Woodcut Illustrations by Roman Klonek


Though this colorful series may look like illustrations, don’t be fooled- these are actually woodcut designs by German-based Polish artist Roman Klonek. Using pencils, a carving knife, chissels, and screw clamps, he creates a vintage looking cartoon through his illustrations. Inspired by the Polish and Russian cartoons of his childhood, their influence is evident in his style. Check out our interview with Roman below then head over to his website to check out more of his work.

Flintstones Living with Jetsons? It’s a Toon Conspiracy!

ANDREW KOLB cartoon illustrations header

There’s far more going on in Bedrock and Orbit City than meets the eye… and illustrator Andrew Kolb is here to get to the bottom of it. He calls his playful mid-century themed illustrations “Cartoon Conspiracy’s” and in them he’s mashing up history both fact and fiction. The writeups we’ve quoted here are seriously funny, tracing his links between the space and stone ages, and the atomic age and Spongebob’s home in Bikini Bottom.

Nickelodeon Nostalgia Art Show- It’s the ShizNICK!

1-Jim Rugg

What what what would you do if you could take a ride on a pie coaster or take home a piece of the Aggro Crag? Even if Nickelodeon’s amazing line up of 90’s game shows were still going strong, most of us would probably be too old to participate. But if you’re in the LA area this weekend you can re-live the portion of your childhood you spent glued to the TV watching Nickelodeon at iam8bit’s show It’s the ShizNICK! For their opening night extravaganza this Friday, April 18th, from 7-11pm they will have epic installations, music by DJ Lance, an animated GIF theater, refreshments by Bel-Sit and of course SLIME! RSVP on Facebook to attend this incredible event for all ages!

Fusing Ancient Pre-Columbian Art with Pop Culture

1 nadin-ospina_snoopy-woodstock-in-stone_collabcubed

Unaware that the Pre-Columbian sculptures he spent a lot of money on were fake, Nadín Ospina found a silver lining to the situation. He came up with a brilliant idea to make his own “Pre-Columbian” pieces that are a little more difficult to mistake for ancient. He sculpted famous cartoon characters like The Simpsons, Mickey Mouse, and Snoopy imitating the styles that ancient Aztec, Mayan, and Incan people used. The fusion between mass pop culture and ancient art is as funny as it is ironic, hinting at themes of globalization and corruption.

Pop Culture Icons Know That Feel, Bro


No matter what you’re going through, there’s always someone out there who has been there before. For every pop culture icon with a problem, Chris Gerringer finds the perfect friend for them to lean on. The series, called I Know That Feel, Bro, shows us that even superheroes have bad days, but you’re never alone. If Beaker gets sad that he’s the only unintelligible Muppet, he can hug it out with Chewbacca, for he really does “know that feel, bro.” Maybe if Kermit the Frog had befriended The Incredible Hulk sooner, the classic song “It’s Not Easy Being Green” would have been a duet. Check out more illustrations by Chris Gerringer on DeviantART.