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The Nature of War: A Veteran Recalls His Unlikely Friendship with Two Iraqi Boys

Monday 11.10.2014 , Posted by
Nature of War

In this sad and beautiful cartoon, Oklahoma Army National Guard Specialist Justin Cliburn tells of his deployment in Iraq, where he formed an unlikely friendship with two young boys. He speaks with his wife, Deanne, about the lasting effect of that time and ponders the uncontrollable aspects of war. [Read more…]


This Artist Uses Snapchat Doodling To Make Unsuspecting Strangers Look A Lot More Interesting

Tuesday 10.28.2014 , Posted by

There is more to Snapchat than just sending selfies. A Norwegian Instagrammer who goes by the username @geeohsnap refrains from selfies and even people he knows. His Snapchat forte involves complete strangers. He uses the app to doodle colorful characters and accents into the scene, making the world a whole lot brighter. From giant bear hugs with cuddly pandas and grizzlies to koala bear ambushes and famous cartoon characters, @geeohsnap never seems to run out of new ideas. The doodles are also used to keep the unsuspecting strangers anonymous. [Read more…]


A Mouthful of Makeup: Artist Laura Jenkinson Draws Cartoons on Her Face

Tuesday 08.19.2014 , Posted by
Laura Jenkinson Makeup Artist 5

London-based makeup artist Laura Jenkinson has a hobby that will make you smile… really big. Using her face as a canvas, she’s been drawing cartoon characters around her mouth, and loaning them her teeth and lips… which look hilariously massive in comparison. You’ve never seen Nemo or Eric Cartman like this before. [Read more…]


A Hilarious Stop-Motion Animation Inserts Cartoons Into Real Life

Tuesday 05.27.2014 , Posted by
Screen shot 2014-05-27 at 5.02.41 PM

When we covered storyboard artist Hombre McSteez (aka Marty Cooper) a bit ago, we had no idea he’d go on to do something even more awesome. He’s been doodling on transparencies with permanent marker and white out, then inserting his wacky characters into the real world. The results, and especially the way they interact with the real world environment, are hilariously bizarre. Now he’s brought his doodles to life. [Read more…]


Tineke Meirink Makes The World A More Enjoyable Place

Monday 02.17.2014 , Posted by
Stop Watch Tineke Meirink 1

Dutch illustrator Tineke Meirink sees the world a little differently. To her, it’s a place filled with fun characters playing around in industrial vents, popping out of bicycle lights and sitting on top of buildings. In her series Stop:Watch, she digitally illustrates on top of photographs, making her reality visible for all of us and giving the world a lot more charm in the process. [Read more…]


Bored on Your Commute? Grab Some Post-It Notes and Doodle!

Monday 02.10.2014 , Posted by
October Jones Post-It Note Doodles 1

What do you do when you have a long, boring commute? For illustrator October Jones the answer is simple – you give your fellow riders new geeky personas. Jones has been using the ubiquitous Post-It note at a sketch pad, peeling off a yellow page with characters like Spiderman, ET and The Incredible Hulk. [Read more…]


Tangled Graffiti Paintings Depict Erotica and War

Monday 01.20.2014 , Posted by
'BA KE MONO Bomb-Rotic Kaotica' by CJ Hungerman

What is the relationship between sex and war? Chicago painter CJ Hungerman explores this question using erotic imagery as vehicles for destruction. As ‘silly’ as these complex narratives visually appear the artist intelligently offers an approachable context, sex and humor, from which to dissect important contemporary issues like technology, politics, and freedom. [Read more…]


What’s Inside these Bizarre Cartoons? A Whole Lot of Weirdness, That’s What.

Wednesday 08.07.2013 , Posted by

What's inside 1

The cartoon characters drawn by the dynamic duo of Juan and Alejandro Mingarro (aka Brosmind) are always weird and surprising, so much so that they reveal even weirder things when we look at their insides. Yeah, that’s pretty weird, but we’ve come to expect this kind of thing from these Spanish designers. They created their studio back in 2006 as a professional outlet for their constant sketching which always seems to combine a healthy dose of fantasy, humor and the absolutely bizarre. This latest series, What’s Inside, is no different. [Read more…]


Playful & Profound: 3D Paintings Made of Metal

Wednesday 07.17.2013 , Posted by

David Kracov Art 1

Where is the line between a painting and a sculpture? For artist David Kracov the distinction is quite fuzzy, but his art often hangs on the wall anyway. His 3D works are constructed out of intricately painted shapes that he often arranges into larger forms like hearts and peace signs. While on the surface his imagery may appear whimsical, the meaning that lies beneath is often deep and moving. [Read more…]


Real Life Adventures of Calvin & Hobbes

Monday 02.11.2013 , Posted by


Growing up, Calvin and Hobbes was always one of my go to comic strips in the Sunday newspaper. Although much of the humor was over my head while in newspaper print, I loved Hobbes and wanted an imaginary tiger of my own. I remember getting a book of the comics in 5th grade and laughing hysterically when I rediscovered it in high school. Redditor nite4awk will make you crave a bowl of Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs as you travel down memory lane with good old Calvin & Hobbes- super-imposed into real life scenes. Laughing Squid has identified the creator of these images as Portland, Oregon-based freelance photographer Michael S. Den Beste. [Read more…]

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