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Visual Bits #378> V-Day:Sugar & Spice…Everything Nice?

Thursday 02.14.2013 , Posted by

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Eclectic Playing Cards Created by 52 Worldwide Artists

Thursday 06.21.2012 , Posted by

Next time you sit down for a game of poker, rummy or hearts, how about making that game far more artistic? This new deck of playing cards, called 52aces, is a collaboration between 52 artists around the world who have lent their unique talents to each of the cards in the deck. The unique ensemble cast come together to form one of the most interesting playing decks, one that could easily have you distracted from your game just because of the highly gripping art on each card. [Read more...]


Cutting Humor in Victorian Silhouettes

Friday 03.25.2011 , Posted by

Wilhelm Staehle’s hand cut silhouettes quickly reveal the underlying cleverness that their tame Victorian looks conceal. His delicate work remixes the past into a sarcastic, darkly humorous parallel universe of rock playing harpists and patriotic bear puns. You can find his prints available at

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Me + You: Valentines Cards of Iconic Loves

Thursday 02.10.2011 , Posted by

With Valentines Day quickly speeding our way and the number of passé holiday cards stacking up, we though we’d bring you some designs that break the normal pink hearts and cute puppies mold. [Read more...]