Hiking Russian Captures Spectacular Morning Views from His Tent

Most mornings, people get to stare at a blank ceiling… but for photographer Oleg Grigoryev, the views are looking pretty spectacular. His series, Morning Views from the Tent, was created on repeated trips into the high regions of Tajikistan’s Fann Mountains, documenting the stunning scenes that greeted him each day as he looked out of his tent door.

The Greatest Vehicle For Off-Road Adventure Camping

As amazing as RV’s can be for camping, they aren’t the most agile vehicles in rough terrain or steep hills. Enter the Jeep® ActionCamper©! With all of the off-roading capabilities of a Jeep and the luxurious camping of an RV, this bad boy combines the best of both worlds. The pop-up roof allows 6’8″ of clearance in the dining area. The camper itself is made of fiberglass and fits a queen size bed in the full kitchen, as well as a shower and toilet. The windows are fitted with bug screens and blinds and the entire shell is removable when you want to take the vehicle for a joyride.

Car Camping Revolutionized: This Bed Folds Into a Suitcase

If you’ve ever tried camping in your car, you probably found yourself getting less than perfect sleep. Between curling up into the majorly lumpy back seat, or reclining the front seats for an equally lumpy/bumpy experience (one that makes side/stomach sleeping impossible), the options aren’t that inviting. Enter the SwissRoomBox – an ingenious invention that will convert even tiny hatchbacks into a flat sleeping area. And yes, like the Swiss Army knife it claims as a namesake, this smart system folds up into a small package – a rolling suitcase.

Pitch Your Tent! An International Camping Festival in China Promotes a Green Ethos


If you’re curious if people from mainland China do any camping, here is a festival that shows just how the the Chinese engage in the outdoors. In this most populated and vast country, Chinese citizens don’t always find the time for such leisure – as their work ethic and earnings often take priority over other activities. Although, with an increasing youthful, adventurous population, and rising disposable incomes, recreational activities such as snowboarding, camping and hiking are becoming more popular in the mainland.

Forget The Outdoors! Stay in this Indoor Campground

Indoor Campground header

Have a fear of spiders, dirt, or maybe just the outdoors? Then this type of camping is definitely for you! This 6458 square foot (600 square meter) German warehouse has been turned into a faux-campsite, complete with vintage camping trailers for accommodation. The brainchild of hotelier Michael Bonner, the colorful place features 15 differently themed caravans restored to their old-school glory. Themes include a proper british caravan called Big Ben (with perfect armchairs for an afternoon tea) and the mountain cabin themed Jägerhütte (no shooting required: it comes with furs!).

Live In A Cocoon With This Amazing New Tent

Ever since I read The Swiss Family Robinson in elementary school I have wanted to live in a tree, but before that when I read The Very Hungry Caterpillar I wanted to live in a cocoon. So you can imagine my joy when I found out that Cocoon Tree has made my childhood dreams collide with their amazing new spherical tent. Made of 24 aluminum rods covered with tarpaulin, the structure weighs under 60kg but the riggings can support up to 1.6 tons of weight. The Cocoon Tree can even accomodate heating/cooling units, and a bathroom under the bed!

We Love Friday! – Good Ol’ Fashioned Camping

In his book, Only Travel Guide You’ll Ever Need, Dave Barry referred to camping as “nature’s way of promoting the motel industry.” While it feels great to be one with nature, nothing feels better after a week of roughing it than a nice hot shower, comfy mattress, and a room free of ants and mosquitoes. These days camping sites can cost as much and be just as difficult to book as hotels, but the experience can not compare.

Go Camping, Ewok Style


For many kids, a treehouse is a time honored tradition of growing up. Making rules as to who is allowed up in the tree perch is just one part of the fantasy land where they get to live… a land like the cartoons or movies, full of magical imaginations running wild. Even as adults, the idea of a peaceful getaway in the canopy of a lush forest is an appealing departure from the concrete that surrounds life in towns and cities. This unusual tent-like treehouse, looking a lot like something friendly Ewoks would have relaxed in during Return of the Jedi, is the perfect example of one of these magical, childlike places.

The Art and Science of S’mores

Does anyone know where the idea for the s’more came from? How about how it got its name? Did you know that there is an official 3-step process to making them? And where DID all those parts come from, anyway? I bet you want to know. I did. Yes, It’s all here, the classic ingredients, the history, the tips on mallow roasting and fire managing, and even–yes–an explanation of the Russian Matryoshka Mallow doll technique. You too, can be a master of the mallow and czar of sweet, sticky, melty campfire crackers. REI shares its tips and tricks of this delectable, historic treat.