This Camera Cafe Is One Big Shot

If you love cameras, coffee, copycat architecture, or some combination thereof, then The Dreamy Camera Cafe is the place for you. Located sixty miles east of Seoul, South Korea, the eccentric building imitates a vintage Rolleiflex and contains a camera museum as well as a fully-functioning coffeehouse. 

In Rock-Hard Focus: Make A DIY Concrete Camera


Move over, Holga. Images are quite literally set in stone with this concrete camera, made by New Zealand photography lover and Instructables user amuu. Through amuu’s charming tutorial, any budding photographer can transform ordinary cement into a fully-functioning pinhole camera, complete with tiny wooden shutter and film spool. 

Leica Lenses: Old-Fashioned Craftsmanship

Have you ever wondered what all the hype is about Leica camera lenses? Just what sets them apart from the competition, winning rave reviews for craftsmanship and results from a loyal following? This video shows the meticulous, hand-made manufacturing process that goes into each Leica lens… it’s a heart warming touch of care that few products see today.

Skateboarding: Filmed From Every Angle

This might be one of the most creative uses of GoPro cameras yet. Fittingly titled ‘Extremities,’ skater Aryeh Kraus was covered with 5 of the tiny cameras, one per knee, one per arm and one on his head… and a bonus camera underneath his board. We’re pretty sure capturing kick-flips from multiple synced angles has never been done before… but we’re more sure this is utterly captivating. The video was directed and edited by the talented Eli Stonberg of music video fame, with the music track ‘Pure’ provided by Blackbird Blackbird.