World Renowned Graphic Designer Recreates Famous Brand Logos Free Handed With Pen & Ink

With just ink and a calligrapher’s pen, Sebastian Lester can create lettering that looks computer generated. A graphic designer with clients that include NASA, Apple, Nike and The New York Times, he doesn’t even need a computer to create logos. In these short timelapse videos, Lester shows off his skills and perfect proportions as he free hand prints some of the most recognizable logos out there. Lester is one of the highest profile calligraphers in the world and he shares his talents regularly with his followers on Instagram.

3D Calligraphy Jumps Off the Page

Turkish graphic designer Tolga Girgin has a passion for calligraphy, but her lettering has a look that’s all together different. Using an assortment of perspective trickery, she uses pens and pencils to give her old-school lettering a whole new angle – one that would have you believe each letter was pealing off the paper or hovering above it.

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Lettering vs. Calligraphy: The Battle of Two Designers

Perhaps there is no better way to improve yourself or your craft than through the challenge of competition. The new website Lettering vs. Calligraphy celebrates that process, pitting the hand-drawn lettering of Martina Flor, against Giuseppe Salerno and his exquisitely penned calligraphy.

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Arcano: A Font Made of Calligraphy

Isn’t it wonderful when modern technology takes something old, and instead of lessening its meaning and beauty, instead enhances it, making it something beautifully accessible for all? Doing just that, this aptly named new set of glyphs was created over a painstakingly long four months of hand-crafted work. Arcano is a new type set which was completely designed by hand, letter by letter, to create a surprisingly modern look using the classic forms of calligraphy. Inspired by a variety of forms, from nature, to symbols, icons, jewels and many more, the result is something classically modern.

Tibetan Calligraphy: Philosophical Art

Now and then, we are blessed enough to come upon an individual who has the ability to effect our lives in extraordinary ways. Tibetan calligraphy artist, Tashi Mannox, can be said to be one of these individuals. Born in England, he studied Fine Arts.


Traveling through the streets of Beijing, this strange tricycle drips water on the road, leaving dot-matrix style Chinese characters in its path. When the vehicles creator Nicholas Hanna is asked why he did this unique project he likes to answer “because”. He was inspired by the local tradition of drawing calligraphy on sidewalks using large brushes and water, but where usually the artist would be judged on the form of their characters, Hanna’s tricycle creates forms with mathematical precision