Old Toys Get Remixed Into Classic Paintings & Famous Faces

1 Jane Perkins

With plastic toys in every fast food kids meal and birthdays and holidays galore, little plastic figurines and accessories are quite abundant in our landfills. Jane Perkins has an artful way of repurposing these little trinkets in her textile pieces, combining them with buttons, beads, and other small pieces that are often thrown in the trash. The British artist collects many of her found materials from Car Boot sales, which is the UK’s version of a yard or garage sale and insists that she never alters the colors of any materials. Once she takes her treasures home, she sorts them out by color and uses a hot glue gun to attach them in the perfect positions to re-create famous pieces, like The Girl with the Pearl Earring and the Mona Lisa, or stunning portraits of famous figures.

Strings of Buttons Become Musical Instruments


Remember those beaded curtains from the 70’s? Miami based artist Augusto Esquivel has used a similar concept to create life sized musical instruments- but walking through these would be a sin. The installations were created by stringing colored sewing buttons on to dangling fishing wire from an overhead support. Esquivel meticulously placed each button so that your eyes will fill in the spaces to see each object. Jean-Luc Samuel Gallic calls it three dimensional pointillism. At his most recent exhibit, Esquivel showcased an upright piano, cello, harp, and phonograph fashioned in this method.

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