True Colors: What Brand Colors Say About A Business

Studies have shown that a product’s color influences 60-80 percent of a customer’s purchasing decision, which makes choosing the wrong color a death sentence before your brand ever has a chance to get off the ground. The most recognizable labels in the world are defined by their colors. Take a second to think of some of the most popular brands that instantly come to mind: Coca-Cola, Facebook, Apple, McDonalds, and Google – to name a few. All of these companies strategically use colors in their logo, website, and product to appeal to customers, making them instantly recognizable across the globe.

The Unselfish Reasons Why People Write Online Reviews

We’ve all been out looking for a new restaurant or service to try, and when we see reviews online, it lets us know people are talking about them — good or bad. With so much content, services, and businesses out there (especially on the web) more and more consumers are flocking to online review sites, forums and apps to share their opinions. As we’ve all learned from social media, people like to talk, and they like to share… so it’s a logical conclusion that the best way for people to get their opinions heard and share their experiences with the masses is by posting their reviews of businesses here online.

Know Your Roots: Column Five Hometowns

In this digital age, we work and have contact with people who we’ve never met in person. The only thing we may know about them is through email exchanges, Twitter feeds, and maybe Instagram photos — if we’ve been lucky enough for even that. With face-to-face interaction giving way to online interactions, it’s still nice to humanize your company and team every once in a while. Column Five, our parent company, put together this interactive to show where everyone on their team was originally born, and how some 20+ years later they all ended up working together under the same roof.

Clients from Hell: The Video

For anyone who’s worked in the creative world, there are always those clients who seem to stand out. Maybe they don’t know what a pixel is, or are set on telling you those complimentary colors don’t quite work together… or maybe their suggested payment method is a little unconventional. When working with people there are always good stories of the times communication just didn’t seem to flow: this video highlights some of the best of those moments from the design world, sourced from the painfully hilarious site Clients from Hell.

What Would You Do With an Extra Two Hours?

Our world moves at an incredible pace, one where everyone could use a couple extra hours throughout the day. With the responsibilities of work, family, and friends, there’s often little time left at the end of the day to spend on your own personal interests. People are constantly pulling at you from every angle, trying with all their collective might to stop you from achieving your goals. There are some brave people who forgo those extra hours of sleep to spend on themselves; but they’re also insomniacs, look like Zombies every morning at work, and can’t operate without drinking a pot of coffee before noon.

A Family Tree of Creative Business Neighbors

When you work among nearly 70 creative businesses, individuals and organizations — from a BBC office to a playhouse and even a life drawing school — what do you do to introduce everyone? Create a beautiful infographic of course! Split recently produced a family tree of their very creative neighbors for the first ever Quarry Hill Social, an event designed to not only raise public awareness but also foster relationships between the many highly crafty and cultural businesses tucked into Quarry Hill in Leeds U.K.

What Your Luggage Says About You

People have vastly different styles, and the way they pack their bags and carry their luggage can be equally as different. A hippie cruising through the airport with just a journal and a guitar will obviously utilize different bags than a business traveler on a three day trip to New York City. With all of these different strategies to get your belongings from point A to point B, this infographic asks the question: What does your luggage say about you? 

The Founders Dictionary: Key Words For Entrepreneurs

If you’ve ever hung out around Silicon Valley for a bit, you’ve probably overheard some interesting speak. It may have sounded business-esque in tone and delivery but were the words and their meanings completely foreign to you? Silicon Valley not only has its monopolizing share of start-ups and founders, it has its own lingo as well. While people in other parts of the country — New York, Boston, LA, and Austin — may be familiar with these terms, the Valley is still home to some of the most outrageously butchered start-up buzzwords.

Maker Spaces: Community Based Product Creation

One of the most exciting new ways to bring products to market has a very community oriented vision: they’re called Maker Spaces. Much like Hacker Spaces, these are tool and knowledge sharing environments where people can experiment with product and business ideas, working on projects from prototyping and fabrication, to fine-tuning of products and even launching businesses. This video, shot by Self Made in Hawaii, is one of the better explorations of these new communal spaces, featuring an interview with Jerry Isdale, founder of Maui Makers.

The Great Skills Mismatch of Today’s Economy

Millions of jobs have been lost and buried under the economic rubble of 2008, with only a ‘Hail Marys’ hope of resuscitation in the current economic climate. What isn’t as obvious is, at the heart of today’s 8.6 percent unemployment rate, sits the greatest skills mismatch our economy has ever seen. We have many Americans still training (or waiting) for jobs in industries which aren’t coming back. The grave of these industries will soon firmly reside in the ashes of the roaringly irresponsible financial times of 2008, with no hope of becoming a phoenix, and rising from the ashes to be born again.