Man-Eater Spices Up the Bus Ride

Inspired by the monotony of his daily commute on the tramway to art school, Daniel Disselkoen set out to make things a little more interesting. He created a clever game called “Maneater” that one lucky bus rider on each trip would get to play and recorded their experience.

The Bold Art of the European Tour Bus

Often looking like a mix between color field paintings and some pretty rad late 80s skater art, the sides of european tour busses are a vastly under-appreciated art form. Photographer Taylor Holland has been working to change that, capturing the rolling canvas’ during his Paris bicycle commute in ways that put the art clearly and boldly in our focus. His shots crop out the main mechanics of the busses, leaving little but colorful hubcaps and vents to clue us into the origin of the striking graphics. What is left are bright patterns worthy of far more than the passing glances that they get rolling the streets… and that was just his intention.

Busy Auckland Transport Visualized on a Monday

As Chris McDowall rode the Auckland Public Transportation system in his home of New Zealand, he often imagined how all the busses, trains and ferries would appear carving their daily path from above. He would try to visualize the varied trajectories of each vehicle as they zig-zagged through the complex network… and it’s no surprise that he admits, “after a few moments I would get hopelessly overwhelmed and go back to reading my book.” Thankfully for McDowall and the rest of us, Auckland Transport published its Google Transit Feed data to MAXX, giving all the information needed to create an animated visualization of the network over a typical busy Monday.