The International Buffalo Bodypainting Festival in China

Later this week, the World Bodypainting Festival begins in Austria, but last month a similar competition took place in the southern hills of China: Buffalo Painting. Located in Jiangcheng county, the annual International Buffalo Bodypainting competition coincides with the region’s founding. This year marked the 60th anniversary for Jiangcheng, and a total of 48 water buffaloes got “dressed” for the occasion.

Art Structures In the Works To Revitalize Buffalo

As post-industrial areas struggle to keep up with the suburban strip mall societies, many are falling short and needing a miracle to revitalize their once booming economies. Try as they might to convince the people otherwise, introducing a Walmart is not the answer. Realizing this and wanting to bring vitality back to Buffalo, architect David Lagé organized a think-tank called Terrainsvagues. After throwing ideas back and forth, they came to a conclusion that met all of their needs- farming abilities above the contaminated soil, beautiful art structures to attract visitors, which will in turn begin to bring back and sustain small businesses in the area. By working with artists in the Department of Visual Studies at the University of Buffalo and urban farming organizations, plans are in the works to have large free-standing installations/ gardening structures by next Spring.

The Wild Kingdom In The Eyes Of Simen Johan


Do you ever wonder what emotions lay within some of the most interesting wild animals? If you were to give human characteristics to a strong buffalo or to a fragile lamb, how would they be depicted? This collection, Until the Kingdom Comes by Simen Johan, shows another way to view nature that you most likely won’t see in any National Geographic magazine. The mysterious life of the wild isn’t something that everyone is subjected to… sure, you can go to a zoo to view caged animals, but it is difficult to stare into their eyes and really get a sense of what they are feeling.