Graphing The Comeback: A Browser You Love(d) to Hate

What defines a comeback? By most accounts, it’s overcoming apparently insurmountable odds stacked against success, pushing through all boundaries, and dramatically trouncing the competition. In sports, figures like Lance Armstrong and George Foreman come to mind… while in the celebrity world people like Mickey Rourke and Robert Downey Jr. could top the list. But, what if that comeback came from an internet browser?

An Interactive Timeline of Browser History

This interactive graphic really takes me back to the early Netscape days; a time when internet speeds were a blazing 56k and streaming video was one frame a second… if you where lucky. The scrolling timeline allows you to take a trip through history, looking at the progression and style of each popular browser, from Mosaic to Chrome, along with a history of the technology and innovation that made it all possible. We’ve come a long way, and it will be fascinating to look back in another 18 years.