Matteo Pugliese’s Bronze Sculptures Escape from the Wall

Matteo Pugliese sculptures 1

Italy is a country rife with sculpture. From the work of the Romans to the masterworks of Michelangelo and Bernini, it’s not hard to find a figure or bust in marble or bronze. But these are something different. Created by an italian with one foot in the past and one in the future, the bronze figures appear to be either escaping or seeking shelter in the wall they occupy – rough hewn hands, feet, heads and bodies all protruding from walls that hide the remaining figure – or so it seems.

Travellers: Bronze Statues in Search of Themselves

Bruno Catalano 8

Life can often leave you feeling a bit lost for purpose, perhaps even empty inside, but there’s a great way to regain your clarity on what matters in this world: go traveling. Bronze sculptor Bruno Catalano has created an fascinating series of sculptures called “Travellers” which depict people setting out on their journey with suitcase in hand and the center of their bodies missing. It’s as if that hole is their lost self, and they’ve set out to rediscover it.

On His High Horse: Super-Sized Stallion Sculpture

A horse is a horse, of course, and to pay an homage to this majestic creature, Nic Fiddian Green has made quite a grand gesture. The sculptor has made numerous horse sculptures inspired by his chestnut hunter George. The sculptures feature horse heads, made of bronze, that are the size of buildings. They are so large that they need to use a cherry picker to reach the top and clean them. Fiddian Green’s horse heads have become prominent London landmarks and he has said, “It is a great honour that Westminster city council have made this a permanent work of art for the city.”

Darth Vader’s Helmet Made From Old Brass Ornaments

If Darth Vader hadn’t been from quite so long ago, or quite so far away, his helmet could have looked a lot like this… emblazoned with wild flourishes, ornate leaves and fleur de lis. In that case, his battles might have involved a lot more swashbuckling and with luck, would have been memorialized in writing by Alexandre Dumas… but that’s another story.