Burberry’s New Mens Fragrance Supported Through Series of Videos Exploring Emerging British Musicians

There’s a British music obsession going on at Burberry. As the brand brings their Prorsum line back from Milan to London, they have recently launched a British influenced fragrance – Burberry Brit Rhythm – the label’s first men’s fragrance in 5 years, and their first since bringing their beauty business back in-house. For the launch, they’ve teamed up with NOISEY to explore the excitement of performance as told through the experience of six, guitar toting Brit bands you should definitely know about.

Ralph Steadman Illustrations: Fear and Loathing, Political Satire, and Extinct Birds

2013 09 steadman evian cigar

What does Flying Dog Brewery and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas have in common? Why, Ralph Steadman, of course. The British illustrator is known for his political satire cartoons as well as his many collaborations with Hunter S. Thompson. In an interview with Independent, Steadman commented:

UK Road Safety Posters from the WWII Blackout

UK Road Safety Poster WWII Blackout 55

During the German bombing raids of WWII city dwellers in Britain were subjected to long nights of complete darkness to protect them from being spotted from above. Called the Blackout, it was a dark foreign world for people accustomed to the brightly lit city, and one which posed new challenges many weren’t aware of. These road safety posters from the period (1939 – 1946) point out some of the hazards people needed to watch out for as they tried their best to “keep calm and carry on.”

Soldiers Before, During, and After Deployment in Afghanistan

For many of us, it is impossible to imagine what it would be like to fight in a war. For many of those who have had to, it is impossible to forget. That is the truth photographer Lalage Snow revealed when she documented the faces of several British soldiers before, during, and after their operational deployment in Afghanistan. The series, called “We Are The Not Dead,” spans a time period of eight months. Along with the photos, each soldier expressed his or her thoughts and feelings at that time, which appear as captions with each portrait on the artist’s website.

Visual Bits #204> Simply A Minimalist

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Cameras Travel the World: Disposable Memory Project

In 2008 British technical creative director, Matthew Knight, had a unique idea: start leaving disposable cameras out for the public with instructions to be picked up, used to capture a couple of pictures and then passed on to others. Called the Disposable Memory Project he was hopeful that this photography experiment would be successful.

The Multi-Cultural Illustrations of Victo Ngai

As her diverse artwork brilliantly reflects, Victo Ngai is an illustrator of many cultural backgrounds. Born and raised in Hong Kong, she attended a British kindergarten and speaks Chinese (both Mandarin and Cantonese), English and Japanese. She later attended Rhode Island School of Design. See more of her unique work at victo-ngai.com.

Thursday Love: In the Not So Distant Future

In a not so distant future filled with blackbirds, a loving couple does battle with an daily urban jungle of mobile phones and electronic palm readers. The heavily textured animation makes quick, and visually smart transitions based upon shape and pattern, making scenes seamlessly merge one into another. Directed by Matthias Hoegg at the Royal College of Art in London, the film was nominated for a BAFTA in Short Animation.

15 Stylish Tribute Posters Do The Originals Proud

Over the last few years Matt Needle has been cranking out some really clean poster tributes to his favorite films, television and artists. From pitch perfect versions of David Bowie as Ziggy Stardust, to a 8 1/2 poster that would make Fellini proud, his work has been noticed by such companies as Nike and Hugo Boss. For more of his cleanly drawn work, check out mattneedle.co.uk.

Electronic Beats Bring Geometric Shapes to Life

Using the motion graphical madness of Cinema 4D, this music video inspired by the English electronic music duo Autechre, brings energy and life to simple geometric shapes.

Autechre uses many different digital synths and a few analog synths in their production, as well as analog and digital drum machines, mixers, effects units and samplers.