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1000 European Breweries on One Map

Tuesday 10.02.2012 , Posted by

The beer obsessed folks over at Pop Chart Labs have outdone themselves again, creating a thirst inducing poster of breweries and abbeys on the European continent. Featuring nearly 1,000 breweries, from craft to micro, the beautiful print seems to be designed specifically as an inspiration for future travels, tasty ones at that. [Read more...]


How Indie Brewers are Outpacing Beer Industry Growth

Tuesday 02.28.2012 , Posted by

Over the last few decades, craft breweries with their high quality micro-brewed creations, have been creating specialty batches of their “nectar of the gods.” Although large breweries dwarf independent breweries in volume of production each year — think Budweiser — the growth of small breweries has eclipsed overall beer industry growth. A lot of that can be attributed to their sense of style and taste… attributes the big brewers only dream about. One of the greatest things about these indie brewers is that they’re not trying to make enough beer to fill a football stadium, so they can focus on producing quality beers with the right ingredients. [Read more...]


Re-Brewing George Washington’s Personal Beer

Monday 05.09.2011 , Posted by

If you’re feeling patriotic since Obama’s recent political slam dunks there’s no better way to celebrate that attitude than sipping down some beer brewed from a founding fathers recipe! The New York Public Library recently made a deal with Coney Island Brewing Company to re-make George Washington’s personal recipe for small beer. The (sadly) one time only brew will be served at the library’s centennial celebration on May 23rd… but if you can’t make it to the event to sip the historical suds brew your own with the recipe below!

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