A New Fashion Line Empowers Women Who Have Undergone a Single or Double Mastectomy

Survivors of breast cancer may lose their hair or breasts along their battle, but that doesn’t mean they lose their femininity, beauty, or zest for life. The founders of a swimwear line just for women who have had a mastectomy asks, “Who says you need two?” Rather than making swimsuits with prosthetic breasts built in, they encourage women to rock their warrior bodies exactly as they are: absolutely gorgeous!

The Tutu Project: Fundraising for Breast Cancer

In 2003, Bob Carey decided he wanted to wear a Tutu. No, he wasn’t changing his gender identity. Bob wanted to wear a pink tutu because it was, to him, the most opposite thing he could be doing in his life. He decided to travel to various beautiful locations and take self-portraits of himself in these places. Throughout his photos he is pictured in American national parks like the Grand Canyon, in cities, open country and deserts.

A Breast Cancer PSA From Comic Superheroines

The threat of cancer is very real these days, and it seems like almost everyone either knows someone who has been affected by breast cancer, or has even been affected themselves. Every year thousands of women lose their battle against the breast cancer beast. This new ad campaign, by Maisa Chaves for DDB Mozambique, was created to raise awareness of regular breast cancer exams among women at risk

Why popular mammogram tool fails

A commonly used mammogram diagnostic tool known as CAD does a poor job of identifying breast tumors, a large study finds. Computer-aided detection (CAD) appears to increase a woman’s risk of being called back needlessly for additional testing following mammography, according to an analysis of 1.6 million mammograms in seven states. The findings are the most definitive findings to date on the tool’s effectiveness.

Geographic Awareness of Cancer in the US

With ever increasing rates of cancer in the world, there are very few people who’s lives have not been affected by the disease. This powerful new interactive graphic, Geographic Awareness of Cancer, is a great way to see how your area of the US is being affected. The graphic displays the percentage by county of major cancer types and related factors such as the percentage of obesity and smoking in the area.