What Are They Cooking? There’s a Breaking Bad Coffee Shop in Turkey

It’s one thing to have a favorite TV series. It’s another to open a business that looks like it. Deniz Kosan loved Breaking Bad so much, he opened ‘Walter’s Coffee Roastery’ in Istanbul, Turkey. Let’s see what he’s cooking up.

Scenes From Movies & TV Shows Fit Perfectly Into the Everyday World on an iPhone

Sometimes on your routine stops at the grocery store, you might fantasize about what it would be like to see the Dude chugging milk in the dairy aisle.

What If Breaking Bad Was Remade as a Cartoon?- Caricatures by Anthony Geoffroy


With no new episodes to look forward to, now we have to get our Breaking Bad kicks with things we’ve already seen: reruns of episodes, behind the scenes bonus features, interviews with the cast, and script readings. That’s why it’s so refreshing to see new fan art! Some people mope around longing for a show that can compare, but others turn that emptiness into art. Anthony Geoffroy is one of those people. We love his caricature renditions of all the characters who kept us on the edge of our seats through so many action-packed episodes.

Breaking Bad Locations in Real Life: Screen Shots Juxtaposed Over the Actual Spots Where They Took Place


As the final season of Breaking Bad comes closer to the end, jaws are dropping more and more every week. For those of us who are all caught up with the episodes, waiting for Sunday to see what crazy shenanigans Walter White will get himself into and out of is almost painful. The show is just as addictive to viewers as the Blue Sky is for fictional meth-heads all over Albuquerque. Luckily the world wide web gives us a little fix to make the week go by a little more quickly. Breaking Bad memes, commentary, and art keep the excitement going for the 7 day stretch until the next episode and will hopefully help to fill the empty space in everyone’s lives once the final episode has been aired.

Visual Bits #256> Swanson…Media…Stat!

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Visual Bits #242> Painting The Media Red

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Heisenberg is King- Breaking Bad Playing Cards

Now that the fifth season of Breaking Bad is finally underway, illustrator Jon Defreest has brought us something fun to occupy the time between episodes. With Walt and Skyler as King and Queen and Jesse as Jack, these cards are a fun, safe alternative to “Blue Sky” cravings. The artist, who goes by the name Jonny etc., is clearly a huge fan of the show and has many other awesome Heisenberg illustrations on his website and facebook. The cards are available as a PDF for printing as well.

Paper Dolls From Your Favorite Television Shows

These spot-on paper dolls characters from hit TV shows really bring back the memories… I mean, who could forget Gob’s 3, 4, $5000 dollar suit from Arrested Development. Come on! Kyle Hilton, a talented illustrator from Jackson, Mississippi has been creating a new paper doll based on his favorite TV characters each week. Due to his increasing popularity, he’s even been asked to create a series of dolls based on the show Breaking Bad. See the complete series here.