What Are They Cooking? There’s a Breaking Bad Coffee Shop in Turkey

It’s one thing to have a favorite TV series. It’s another to open a business that looks like it. Deniz Kosan loved Breaking Bad so much, he opened ‘Walter’s Coffee Roastery’ in Istanbul, Turkey. Let’s see what he’s cooking up.

#BrandCrush: Who Gives a Crap? This Mail Order Toilet Paper Company.

This week’s #BrandCrush is a seriously different kind of company – they sell toilet paper through the mail. Getting TP delivered to your front door hasn’t exactly gone mainstream (even though there are plenty of options on Amazon), but an Australian company has a business model that’s giving plenty of reasons to do it.

Here are 3 ways the perfectly named Who Gives a Crap is creating an incredible brand, one roll at a time.

What if Facebook, Apple or AirBnb Made Beer? They Might Look Like This.

While getting (admittedly) sloppy on a team building night out, someone at UK t-shirt printing service Printsome asked an intriguing question: what would a beer made by Facebook taste like? While nobody can seem to remember who came up with the idea, the team took that alcohol inspired concept in a design direction, exploring how the image of Facebook and other major non-food brands would translate if they made beer. So far they’ve created 17 ‘Beertualising’ labels, complete with slogans, and a little outline of the ingredients that make each beer.

The TSA’s on Instagram (and They’re More Popular Than You)

I’ve got bad news: the TSA is more popular on Instagram than you are. With 305 thousand followers at last count, it’s a little surprising that an organization best known for patting us down and ‘randomly’ digging through our luggage is this popular, but a quick inspection of their photos will make you understand why they’ve got fans: they find some seriously weird stuff.

5 Amazing Video Ads About Amazingly Boring Things

Just because you sell something super boring doesn’t mean your ads need to be. We rounded up 5 brilliant video spots for some of the most boring and unappealing things. Here’s proof that they can still get TONS of attention with the right talent behind them. Let’s go!

What Would Apple Look Like in 1997? They Predicted It (Awkwardly) in This 1987 Video

Predictions of the future are pretty hard to get right, but Apple sure tried hard in this awkwardly hilarious video from 1987. Here the company predicted what the futuristic world of 1997 would look like, getting a number of things like world-wide Internet correct, and predicting a few devices that would take a bit longer (like a wearable computer similar to Google Glass).

#BrandCrush: 3 Ways Lomography is Keeping the Classics Alive

Remember when we took 24 photos, developed them, and looked at every single one? Today’s digital world means taking thousands of pictures and looking at only a few—but not if you own a Lomo. This camera company is keeping it old-school and making film cameras so cool people get ‘em as tattoos.

Can We Go? The ‘Jurassic World’ Website Will Make You Think It’s a Real Place

Ever since Jurassic Park wowed us in 1993, people have been dreaming about bringing an amusement park like it to life – or at least the dinosaurs in it. The website for the latest film Jurassic World will make you believe this actually happened.

What if Major Brand Logos Were Hand-Lettered?

For her graphic design graduate project, Sara Marshall imagined what the intersection between modern brand logos and the classic art of hand-lettering might look like – and it’s very thought-provoking. Like many of us Marshall has noted the trend toward flat, minimalist brand logos. With companies like Microsoft and Google leading the way, the iconography of major companies has lost some of its flair in the name of simplicity, adopting a minimal range of colors and making creative use of negative space.

While there are some good design arguments for going minimal, it doesn’t always have to be so.