A Sprawling Carved Book Sculpture Garden

Long-Bin Chen 8

The art of book carving has reached a monumental new scale with Taiwanese artist Long-Bin Chen’s installation for the Library rotunda at the College of Charleston. Together with a team of helpers, the artist constructed large stacks of books and carved them into forms resembling those found in manicured nature – boulders, tree stumps, and a path of stones. The peaceful looking scene continues his merging of eastern and western art – in this case the western element being the discarded textbooks that formed the work itself.

A House of Books: Architecturally Carved Literature

Frank Halmans Carved Book Architecture 3

For some people, a good book is like coming home. It’s a cozy thing to curl up with and call it a day, and a place to find quite guidance. Dutch artist Frank Halmans creates book based sculptures which look a lot like city based row houses – cutting windows through their pages and stacking them together into narrow architectural forms. He creates the works as a metaphor – one which plays on the idea of moving through things, whether that be a literary passage or a physical expanse.

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More Mountains of Books: New Work by Guy Laramee

When I first ran across the work of Guy Laramee, I was completely floored. This fellow really knows how to do some inspired book carving, taking discarded unloved books like old encyclopedias or dictionaries and transforming them into meditative landscapes. While plenty controversial with the book lovers out there, most people can still see the beauty and exceptional creativity involved in these sculptural masterpieces.

Mountains of Books Become Mountains

I thought I’d seen every type of book carving imaginable, until I ran across these jaw dropping creations by Guy Laramee. His works are so sculptural, so movingly natural in their form, they’ve really touched me. His works are inspired by a fascination with so-called progress in society: a thinking which says the book is dead, libraries are obsolete and technology is the only way of the future.

Graceful 3D Trees Cut into Discarded Books

Cleverly returning a hint of their paper based origins, artist Kylie Stillman takes old discarded books and carefully carves inverted bonzai tree reliefs in their pages. Her works come at a time when book art and carving are gaining in popularity, yet her works stand out as unique examples in the young trend. The Australian artist got her start at carving books in 2006 when she trimmed a bird into a discarded tome; she later gave her birds a place to sit, progressing to potted plants and now her current tree carvings. For her latest work featuring trees carved in stacks of boldly colored paper, see her website kyliestillman.com.

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