Short on Space? Try Ultra-Small Bonsai Trees

Is your tiny studio apartment too tiny even for a bonsai tree? Nope. These are easily small enough. Apparently there’s an ultra-small bonsai trend sweeping Japan that includes examples reaching no higher than 3cm (1.18 in)! Not all there are trees of course – many are succulents and some are even weeds plucked from the sidewalk.

Intricate Bonsai Trees out of Wire


After becoming a bonsai enthusiast, Ken To decided to give his wife a unique gift for Christmas: a bonsai tree made out of wire. His wife loved the gift and was impressed by what Ken could do with wire. It wasn’t for another three years that Ken made his second wire bonsai tree, again for his wife. Soon Ken learned how to make the foliage of his wire trees an easier process, and upon acquiring some specialized wire, he started making more of his bonsai trees.

Intricate Building Sculptures in the Bonsai Style

These astoundingly intricate miniatures are so complex and so dreamlike they make one want to get closer and closer until you actually walk their many looping stairs and paths. Designed and built by Japanese artist Takanori Aiba, most of his pieces take a heavy dose of their influence from the art of bonsai, weaving plant-like forms throughout the classic architectural elements. Aiba even goes so far as to use the cascade form of bonsai in his piece above, along with classic terrariums and tables used in the art form.