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Visual Bits #445 > We The People: Photography & More

Wednesday 05.29.2013 , Posted by

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Alexa Meade: Body Painting in a Pool of Milk

Tuesday 05.21.2013 , Posted by

Milk Alexa Meade Sheila Vand 1

Don’t be deceived, these aren’t simply paintings, but something far more realistic than they appear at first glance. True to her signature style of creating bold paintings on top of live models, Alexa Meade has made a series of painting/body art/photographs in collaboration with Sheila Vand. This time, instead of seeing Meade’s model placed before a painted scene or wandering the real world, she’s used a pool of opaque white milk as her backdrop. The results are beautiful and, as usual, fascinating to decipher. [Read more...]


Reddit + Face Painting = Bizarrely Addictive Music Video

Friday 10.19.2012 , Posted by

It’s a modern tale of love found through the internet. The story of a rock band who found a face painter and together created addictive, visual magic like we’ve never witnessed before. [Read more...]


Hidden in the Wallpaper: A Camouflaged Body of Art

Wednesday 08.22.2012 , Posted by

Somewhere between camouflage and interior decorating lies the wild body art of Cecilia Paredes. The women she paints merge into their backgrounds with such convincing ability, they look almost as if they are emerging out of them. [Read more...]


Frighteningly Beautiful Futuristic Body Paintings

Friday 07.13.2012 , Posted by

Imagine sitting still for 16-20 hours while your body is the canvas for an airbrush masterpiece. Michael Rosner is an American artist with an incredible vision who uses his airbrush to transform organic materials, including humans, into brilliant works of art. Using principles of architecture and geometry to create magnificent patterns, Rosner’s subjects are metamorphosed into strikingly beautiful trans-human entities. [Read more...]


A World Drawn Together by Dots

Thursday 11.03.2011 , Posted by

Student designer/artist Miharu Mitsunaga has created a series of stunning portraits and photographs by covering her subjects with a multitude of tiny hand-painted dots. Her architecturally based series, titled “Ten-Ten” (dots in Japanese), symbolically illustrates the bond between man, woman, family, friend, adult, child and nationality through covering spaces with mostly red dots in her signature pattern. Her series “Graduation Work,” takes the concept one step further covering subjects with linear white dots across their bodies, effectively creating a union across perceived differences in culture, race, sex and age. Beautiful. [Read more...]