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The Animal Kingdom, Hidden on the Form of the Human Body

Tuesday 01.20.2015 , Posted by
Incredible body art work

We have done our share of posts on body painters, from Moran Newman, to Cecilia Paredes and Johannes Stötter, but Shannon Holt brings out the animal in us like no one else. The Florida-based artist embarked on a painting exploration that involved testing different surfaces on which to paint animals – and it was her last experiment that revealed her final destination. [Read more…]


An Enchanting Body Art by Moran Newman

Monday 07.21.2014 , Posted by
Moran newman Body Art Amazing 00

In the world of body painting a dynamic artist is emerging, turning the skin of a human body into magical realms of color and form. Based in Ein Vered, Israel, her name is Moran Newman and is widely considered one the best body painters in the country. She recently participated in the World Bodypainting Festival in Austria and is currently on a painting tour in Europe. [Read more…]


Get Back in Black With Fluorescent Paintings By John Poppleton

Friday 06.20.2014 , Posted by

Many go to great lengths to achieve a healthy glow, and the models behind John Poppleton’s “Bodyscapes” get a little extra help. In his special blacklight studio, the artist uses fluorescent pigments to paint dramatic au natural landscapes on female bodies. When illuminated with a blacklight, the illustrations emit an eerie, majestic glow, powerfully evoking the drama of radiant sunsets, crashing waterfalls, and shimmering constellations.  [Read more…]


Incredible 3D Tattoos Jump Off the Skin

Monday 03.31.2014 , Posted by
Lippo Tattoo 1_1

Tattoos that look like a 3D illusion are nothing new (we’ve covered some sweet ink before) but dig these prime examples from an Italian tattooist going by the name Lippo. His incredible ability to imitate reality gives each of his inked subjects a work of art that looks to jump from their skin… or be embedded in it. [Read more…]


Danced into Reality: Heather Hansen Creates Art Using Her Body and Charcoal

Friday 01.17.2014 , Posted by
Heather Hansen Value Of A Line Body Art 12

Part dance, part performance art, Heather Hansen creates stunning art using her body, charcoal and a paper surface on the floor. Her work showcases the fluid motions of the body and the symmetrical forms that it creates as she twists and bends over the sheet. The results are wonderfully curving arcs which, like the emotive motions of dance, have just the right balance of passionate imperfection. [Read more…]


Eat, Paint, Love: Fat Tats By Monica Ramos

Wednesday 11.27.2013 , Posted by


Artist Monica Ramos serves up a full-bodied perspective on eating through her unique subject of study: food tattoos. The Brooklyn-based illustrator, whose Fat Tats series was recently featured in Art Intersections: Asian-Latino Pop-Up Museum presented by the Smithsonian, eloquently captures the passion, politics, and perils of consumption in the flesh. [Read more…]


That’s a Commitment! Tattoos That Need More Than One Body to be Complete

Tuesday 11.12.2013 , Posted by

All in one tattoos 11

Think getting the name of your current love on your arm is a big commitment? Nope. Just a little coverup and that romance is history. But how about these ‘all in one’ tattoos we’re beginning to see crop up around the web. The often large-scale designs cover at least two bodies, and in many cases require all individuals to stand arm in arm to show the complete design. Now that’s a commitment! [Read more…]


Awesomely Nerdy Tattoos, Drawn by Science

Wednesday 09.18.2013 , Posted by

Science Tattoos 2

Tattoos are an incredible, and indelible, way to make a statement. Sometimes that’s simply that you love parties and dolphins (like, a lot!!)… and other times it is a confession of how much you love science (my ♥ ≥ ∞). In 2007 Carl Zimmer, science writer for Discover Magazine, the New York Times and author of 6 books asked a question on his blog: “Are Scientists Hiding Tattoos of Their Science?” The answer has been overwhelmingly “yes!” [Read more…]


Tattoos in Technicolor: Classics Remixed in Poland

Tuesday 02.19.2013 , Posted by

Marcin Aleksander Surowiec Tattoos 10

Take classic tattoo art, mix it together with a rainbow of color and some modern abstract design… and if you’re lucky you might come out with the work of Polish tattoo artist Marcin Aleksander Surowiec. His works channel many of the classic linear skin art forms, yet twist them into something completely original: his characters get geometric patterns in the place of their face; rainbows of color are overlaid on print-like forms; and then there are his completely original designs. [Read more…]


Hidden in the Wallpaper: A Camouflaged Body of Art

Wednesday 08.22.2012 , Posted by

Somewhere between camouflage and interior decorating lies the wild body art of Cecilia Paredes. The women she paints merge into their backgrounds with such convincing ability, they look almost as if they are emerging out of them. [Read more…]