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Cosplay Characters with a Playful Twist

Wednesday 08.15.2012 , Posted by

When it comes to worshiping your favorite characters from books or film, few go so far or have so much fun as those in the world of cosplay. The costumes are often highly imaginative and even more often, completely accurate in portraying each tiny detail of the famous fictional characters. These portraits by photographer Kevin Knight capture the essence of cosplay well, but they also do much more. [Read more…]


Old Timey Star Wars

Thursday 09.15.2011 , Posted by

Very proper, these Star Wars prints are.” Old Timey Star Wars, a personal project by New York based designer Nick Agin, puts our favorite characters from a galaxy far away into somewhat updated attire. Backgrounds of a more modern and mathematical appearance mesh well with the figures, and lend a further element of some alternate reality. See more of Agin’s personal and professional work, along with a selection of prints for sale at [Read more…]


Visual Bits #14 > Make Payable to Boba Fett

Wednesday 03.02.2011 , Posted by

A bounty of links after the jump! [Read more…]