Vintage Album Sleuth Hunts Down Locations of Covers

Album cover sleuth Bob Egan is at it again with a whole new set of locations for the albums of your favorite musical artists… this time with a heavy Billy Joel influence. In our last post we mentioned that we were lucky enough to serendipitously run across Egan in a New York eatery, where we found out about his fascinating hobby of collecting not only the locations, but the exact angles that original album cover photographs were taken from. Many of his images feature his much loved Big Apple, but in a few of his latest examples he uses the wonders of Google maps and the internet as a whole to find his locations around the world through digital means.

Where could it be? Tracking Vintage Album Art in NYC

While strolling, or should I say hustling- to avoid tourist-hating glares and eye rolls, through the most populated city in the United States, I would always wonder how many amazing people had walked the very same sidewalks as me. In the city where celebrity sightings are as common as taxi drivers cutting people off, it would be difficult to find a street in Manhattan that doesn’t have some secret claim to fame. The birthplace of some of the greatest music of all time, New York City is where many artists got their starts in all different genres of music from jazz to punk rock and everything in between and also the place many of them chose for their album art photos. Real Estate Agent by day, Bob Egan spends his free time as an album art detective, hunting down settings of some of his favorite records for