Completed in 1878, This Isolated Sea Fort is Now a Luxury Hotel

When it was completed in 1878, the soldiers who occupied Spitbank Fort had no idea it would one day be a luxury hotel. The isolated sea fort is located in the Solent, near Portsmouth, England, and originally intended as a line of defense against ships that made it past the larger forts further out. As always, Spitbank Fort is only accessible by boat – a level of isolation rarely available in our highly connected world. Now, billed as “the UKs most exclusive private island” it features 8 luxury rooms and a rooftop spa with unrivaled views. It’s also one of the few hotels that can boast about having armor plating on its seaward side.

These Friends Built a Floating Mobile Sauna

When life finds you in the grips of the far north, the best way to put a smile on your face is with a warm sauna. The next step is to take a plunge into a cold body of water… but you don’t want to run too far. This group of friends from Joensuu, Finland has the right idea: they built an altogether awesome mobile sauna in the form of a boat – complete with hammocks for summer use, a top deck to jump off and style galore. If this is sailing, sign me up!

A Solar Boat Just Circumnavigated the Globe!

Scheduled to arrive back at its beginning port of Monaco today, May 4th, the Turanor PlanetSolar has just completed a 19 month voyage around the world using only the power of its solar panel covered deck. The highly unique ship, which is built in catamaran fashion, is the worlds first vehicle to travel completely around the globe using only solar power — in this case 38,000 SunPower solar cells.

Hot Tub Boats: Have a Warm Soak While You Float!

Ah Seattle, land of the Cascade and Olympic mountains, home to Microsoft, Starbucks, the Space Needle and hot tub boats… wait… say what?? That’s right, here in Seattle there is a new company which is designing and building a fleet of Hot Tub boats for your cruising and soaking pleasure. Picture yourself and five other beautiful people (because we know you are beautiful) cruising on Lake Union, with a view of the Seattle skyline, steering with a joystick like device in your 101 degrees hot tub. Just chilling.

25 Ridiculously Cool Concept Yachts

Every year at yacht shows around the world, new edgy concepts are released as enthusiasts, designers, and people with really deep pockets look on hoping to catch a glimpse of something that stirs their souls. Unfortunately, just like in List25’s article on 25 of the world’s coolest concept cars, most of these models will never make it too market. Even if they don’t though, they’re at least fun to look at and in the worst case scenario you’ll still end up with a  list of 25 ridiculously cool concept yachts to dream about.

Naval Fields: Eery Ships Under Construction

Emilio Valerio D’Ospino’s series of ship paintings, “Naval Fields” is strangely devoid of a human presence, leaving the fruits of their builders labor to speak for itself. The ghostly series features great seagoing vessels in various states of construction and dry dock, all in a near monocromatic grisaille with striking wide angle perspectives. The large scale oil paintings strike a eerily surreal spectre, as if there where more to the scene than first meets the eye. For more of D’Ospino’s work, including some very captivating images of factories in disrepair, see his website