You Won’t Believe What This Ship Can Lift…

When it comes to transporting large things at sea, sometimes the very best option is to move it in one piece. But what if that thing is an entire oil rig?

Enter the Heavy-Lift Ship: a specially designed vessel which can partially submerge to allow other ships, yachts, oil rigs and drilling platforms to float over its massive, flat cargo deck. The ship lowers itself into the water using a series of ballast tanks which can be flooded. Then, after the cargo has been floated over the deck, air is pumped back into the tanks and the massive ship lifts its cargo aboard.

Is it a Buoy or is it a Ship? The Navy’s Oldest and Oddest Research Vessel

If you just saw the image above, you might guess that the navy repurposed the front of a ship for the top of a buoy, or as many people have done, mistake it for a capsized ocean transport ship… the truth however, is far more interesting. You are looking at the US Navy’s oldest and most unusual research vessel. Appropriately called FLIP (Floating Instrument Platform), the 355ft long spoon-shaped ship is the world’s only vessel that can operate both horizontally and vertically. The ship performs its 28 minute transformation when 700 tons of seawater are pumped into the ‘handle’ of the ship causing it to lower into the water and the bow to rise.

Visual Bits #244> Recycle, Renew, Reuse

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A Behemoth Battleship Made of Legos

When you’re a kid, you dream of going big… and this would just about define every kids dream. Japanese artist Jumpei Mitsui spent 6 years and 4 months creating a 1/40th scale model of the battleship Yamato. The huge piece weighs in at a sizable 330 pounds and stretches to 22 feet long. Be sure to check out the video at the bottom of this post. Very impressive.

A Solar Boat Just Circumnavigated the Globe!

Scheduled to arrive back at its beginning port of Monaco today, May 4th, the Turanor PlanetSolar has just completed a 19 month voyage around the world using only the power of its solar panel covered deck. The highly unique ship, which is built in catamaran fashion, is the worlds first vehicle to travel completely around the globe using only solar power — in this case 38,000 SunPower solar cells.

Want to Join a Band of Sailing Sea Gypsies?

Have you ever wanted to build a sailboat and voyage on it with a bunch of people from around the world? Welcome to the Sea Gypsies! Since the summer of 2009, people from all over the world have assisted in the construction of a ship that will sail the seas upon completion. There have been volunteers coming from all parts of the world — Asia to America, Europe to Southern Africa — all converging on a collective located just north of Oslo, Norway.

Hot Tub Boats: Have a Warm Soak While You Float!

Ah Seattle, land of the Cascade and Olympic mountains, home to Microsoft, Starbucks, the Space Needle and hot tub boats… wait… say what?? That’s right, here in Seattle there is a new company which is designing and building a fleet of Hot Tub boats for your cruising and soaking pleasure. Picture yourself and five other beautiful people (because we know you are beautiful) cruising on Lake Union, with a view of the Seattle skyline, steering with a joystick like device in your 101 degrees hot tub. Just chilling.

A Completely Modern Sailboat

Often when we think of sailing, images of old wooden sloops spring to mind, with their graceful wooden lines, polished brass hardware and tangle of rigging… but that’s not what you’ll find with the new B Yachts 60. This vessel screams modern from every angle, with sleek white lines and each necessary feature cleaned up with tasteful minimalist touches.

A Beautiful Boat, Designed for a Hedonist

Art of Kinetik produces luxury wooden yachts and gives them possibly the most fitting names ever. The latest addition to their lineup is the Hedonist. With a solid mahogany hull, this 63-foot yacht is designed to be seamless and pure in the sense that no screws or plastic are visible at any point. Art of Kinetiks employs an in-house team of designers, naval architects, engineers and craftsmen to bring about their fully customizable mobile works of art.