Triptych Paintings Created With Dry Tea Leaves

1 Andrew Gorkovenk Tea Art

Sometimes the design on a package can be deceiving- like TV dinners or fast food advertisements– but TripTea has created a branding that perfectly communicates their company. To demonstrate the idea of exotic travel for the best tea leaves, they hired Russian graphic designer Alexander Gorkovenko to create beautiful illustrations out of the tea itself. Aside from the brand name representing travel, TripTea is also named for “triptych”- the three-part painting style that reveals one key message. Each package has a triptych picture on three of the sides, created out of the tea variety inside (green, black, ceylon, etc.) that features a landscape of the country where it was produced and assembled. The whole picture can be shown on the shelves of stores when the boxes are arranged to reveal each of the 3 sides next to one another.