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Not Photoshop: Trippy Melting Inkjet Prints

Tuesday 07.02.2013 , Posted by

Ben Dehaan Uncured 1

These bizarre melting portraits from Portland, Maine-based artist Ben DeHaan are created with a surprisingly clever technique using just a conventional inkjet printer and gravity. His project, called Uncured, features two side-by-side images of the portrait before and after it has melted away leaving drips of watercolor-like paths down the page. [Read more...]


Feeling Too Relaxed? Anxiety Inducing Photographs

Monday 07.01.2013 , Posted by


Maybe you know someone outside the boundaries of what general society considers normal… someone who checks if the lights are off 10 times, or has to arrange everything “just so”… maybe that person is even you. Photographer John William Keedy was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder nine years ago, one which left him unable to interact with society, but one which inspired him to create a series titled “It’s Hardly Noticeable.” It’s dedicated to those who don’t quite fit into the standard definition of normal. [Read more...]


Bizarre Paintings Inspired by Vintage Photographs

Tuesday 06.25.2013 , Posted by

Paco Pomett Surreal Vintage Paintings 2

At first glance these paintings look to be faithful copies of vintage photographs, from Civil War era scenes in the battlefield, to 60s snapshots in the office. But a closer look quickly reveals that there is something seriously amiss in this version of the past. Artist Paco Pomett takes inspiration from vintage photographs, transforming elements of the scene into bizarre and often impossible visions of reality. A stack of logs becomes a pile of pencils; swimmer’s arms join together in snake-like curls; and ‘men’ inspecting a hole have mysteriously become dirt loving gophers. The collection is a perfect combination of the strange and familiar… many times looking like movie-stills from vintage sci-fi films. [Read more...]


The Top 10 Strangest Food Trucks

Friday 06.14.2013 , Posted by

space shuttle cafe

One of the best parts of living in a big city is the food options, but with rental costs so high for restaurant space some of the best chefs are cooking their signature staples out of food trucks instead. Sometimes just the delicious aroma can lure you to the food truck window, but in this case the trucks themselves are strangely alluring. Not all food trucks are created equally, and as Jalopnik shows in this collection of the Top 10 Weirdest Food Trucks, some vendors have gone above and beyond in “pimping their rides.” From The Angry Friar-a Double Decker bus with restaurant seating on top, to a lactose-tolerant Trekkie’s dream at Grillenium Falcon, and a Space Ship Cafe truck built from the fuselage of a Douglas DC-3 aircraft, these vendors aim to give you an experience unlike any other. [Read more...]


The Bizarre, Surreal Worlds of Painter Jung-Yeon Min

Tuesday 05.07.2013 , Posted by

Jung-Yeon Min Paintings header

Her work rides a fine line between the grotesque and the beautiful, at once begging us to explore deeper and at the same time frightening us with what we find. Korean born, Paris based Jung-Yeon Min creates elaborate landscapes filled with organic, globular forms that resemble things as lovely as clouds and as revolting as innards. Like multiple worlds layered on top of each other, geometric forms and elements of reality weave their way into the scene – from polar bears and humans, to distant mountain ranges and lost luggage. It’s a world of the strange and the familiar. [Read more...]


Cakes and Guns? Dangerously Tasty!

Thursday 05.02.2013 , Posted by

Scott Hove Guns and Ecstasy 1

If you thought our article earlier this week with guns and porcelain was an odd combination… how about guns and cake? San Francisco artist Scott Hove has been making unusual cake based sculptures as part of his Cakeland series since back in 2005. From high heels to taxidermy, he has given the fantastic frosting-coated treatment to a diverse range of subjects – even including entire art spaces. Now, for his show “Guns and Ecstasy,” Hove has turned his talents toward firearms and in particular assault rifles. It’s an appropriate topic as the debate on gun legality continues to rage in the US after a shocking amount of recent school shootings. [Read more...]


The Bizarre “Truppe Fledermaus” from Kahn + Selesnick

Monday 04.22.2013 , Posted by


It’s hard to get more bizarre or intriguing than these recent works from the New York/British collaborative duo Nicholas Kahn and Richard Selesnick. Their mixed media series of photographs, paintings, drawings, prints and sculptures see a world of greenmen, bats and death dancers prancing about the countryside and the near outskirts of sometimes familiar towns. The imagery and the characters themselves often tightrope a fine line between the playful and the haunting… and it only gets better when we know the story behind what’s going on. [Read more...]


Carved Spirits Hidden in the Trees

Monday 03.25.2013 , Posted by

Keith Jennings Tree Spirit Carvings 14

Many people like to leave their spirit carved in a tree, but most of the time it takes the form of a carved heart and a few letters symbolizing the lovers who put it there. Sculptor Keith Jennings takes tree carving in another direction, carving into the bark of living trees and revealing mystical spaces from inside their trunks. It’s a view that would fascinate and potentially frighten those lucky enough to walk by and witness it. [Read more...]


Bizarre Portraits from a Patterned Dream

Monday 12.17.2012 , Posted by


If you combined the work of Salvador Dali with those Magic Eye books, you might have something close to the paintings of Canadian artist Sascha Braunig. Her works embody the unique duality of at once being highly beautiful and highly disturbing. They aren’t the type of things you want to see in your next dream or drug trip. [Read more...]


Birds of a Feather… Literally!

Wednesday 12.05.2012 , Posted by

A truly awe-inspiring wonder of nature, feathers are like a bird fingerprint that can be used to identify a species. Adapted for flying, temperature regulation, protection from the elements, among many other functions, feathers are uniquely avian. Captivated by the beauty and wonder of each plume, artist Chris Maynard uses them as the sole medium and inspiration for his stunning creations. The pieces featured here are from Maynard’s latest collection of feather cutouts. The way each piece is arranged creates gorgeous depth and shadows that represent the lives of the birds who shed them. [Read more...]

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