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Live Stream Peep Show of The Hippest Bird & Squirrel Cafe

Sunday 04.06.2014 , Posted by
1 piipshow

As human houses have gotten more modern and sleek, why is that most birdhouses are still so old fashioned? This bird feeder in Norway defies the traditional style, as it was modeled to look like a hip cafe. Photographer Magne Klann and model maker Lars Autrtade combined forces to create this project which they call Piipshow, featuring a constant live stream of a birdie bar that occasionally gets robbed by some handsome squirrels. It’s hard to imagine anything cuter than the scenes in this avian restaurant. [Read more...]


Bird Flights Mapped into Time-lapse Sky Performances

Monday 01.27.2014 , Posted by

I constantly feel like birds are mocking the human race. They have the ability to do what we have been striving for since the beginning of civilization and they make it so effortless that it’s insulting – spacial freedom. Am I the only one addicted to my remote control helicopter? I mean, all I do is go up and down and back and forth… but the spacial liberation is intoxicating! In these mesmerizing videos by artist Dennis Hlynsky you see that birds in flight contain much more information than meets the eye. The time-lapse video performances show birds creating beautiful patterns as they roam the open air and even display some seemingly intentional creativity. [Read more...]


Bird Taxidermy Imagines Bizarre New Species’

Thursday 01.02.2014 , Posted by
Karley Feaver Becoming Otherwise 1

If you’ve watched the BBC’s Planet Earth, then you know about the many bizarre species’ in the bird-of-paradise family. Their wildly flamboyant plumage has set them apart in the animal world, as has their equally bizarre and elaborate mating rituals. Perhaps that’s why these fantastic taxidermy sculptures by Karley Feaver are so familiar and yet fascinating. In her series Becoming Otherwise, she has created a diverse series of imaginary avian life, playing on themes of domesticity and imagining new paths of evolution. [Read more...]


It’s A Bird, It’s A Dog, It’s BOTH! How Dirds Are the Greatest Things in the History of Photoshop

Sunday 12.01.2013 , Posted by

Dirds 1

If you have always wanted a dog, but hated the fact that they can’t fly, or wanted a bird that can wag its tail, then we have just the thing for you: dirds! Dirds, also known as birddogs, are an amusing new species so high in demand that you can’t find them at pet stores anywhere! The dog head/bird body variety offers that loyal, confidant aspect that you want in a dog and there are no front paws in the way of easy belly rub access. You can live out your pirate dreams with one of these bad boys on your shoulder. Be careful with which secrets you share with the parrot head/dog body variety because they just might let them slip. [Read more...]


A Ballet Performed by Birds: Starling Murmurations Created by Photographer Alain Delorme

Wednesday 11.06.2013 , Posted by


Just by their natural habits, some animals make art. From the famous webs of spiders, to the amazing arrangements of the sand bubbler crab, many animals leave us with beautiful patterns in the wake of their everyday life. If spiders and crabs leave us sculptural works of art, then the starling is a performance artist. These small european birds flock together, forming moving clouds of flapping wings that shimmer with life in motion. These flocks are called a murmuration. [Read more...]


Captured in Mid-Air: This is What Small Birds Look Like in Flight

Wednesday 09.11.2013 , Posted by

Wild Birds Flying 6

As I’m writing this I’m sitting on the lawn looking up at all kinds of birds in flight. Most are small song birds having a great time finding nuts, seeds and fruit all over the place. One just flew by carrying a large, shiny piece of aluminum foil in its beak… probably headed to make a cozy nest. Their movements are often so quick it’s hard to get a good look at them, but every once in a while they land long enough to get a good view: it’s never while they’re flying. Paul Nelson is creating a series of photos that helps us see birds better, using a portable high speed camera rig he designed himself to capture small birds in fascinating mid-flight. [Read more...]


Expressive Owl Portraits Bring Out Their Deep Nature

Monday 08.05.2013 , Posted by

Owl Portraits 3

It’s undeniable that owls are spectacular creatures. Their delicate plumage, large expressive eyes and impossibly swiveling necks set them apart in the avian world… but it’s not simply their appearance that makes them special. Perhaps getting to the root of their wise reputation, photographer Sham Jolimie says “owls are more intelligent, self-aware and emotionally sensitive than most people realize.” Her new series Owl Portraits, captures the spirit of what she’s talking about, displaying an exceptional range of emotion in each image. [Read more...]


Back to the Nest: Artist Makes Human-Sized Bird Nests

Tuesday 06.11.2013 , Posted by

Jayson Fann Spirit Nests 8

Have you ever wanted to experience the life of a baby bird? How about curling up in a cosy nest perched high in the air? California-based artist Jayson Fann is giving humans that chance, building gigantic nests out of locally harvested tree branches. Calling his creations Spirit Nests, Fann offers his work for sale through Big Sur Spirit Garden, an international arts and cultural center he founded in the incredibly beautiful Big Sur valley south of Monterey. [Read more...]


Amazingly Realistic 3D Paper Craft Birds

Thursday 05.02.2013 , Posted by

John Scherft 3D Paper Birds 8

At first glance, and maybe even second, the birds in these images look real enough you don’t want to frighten them away. It’s a surprise then, when you find out that they are made entirely of flat pieces of paper, carefully folded and glued together to form precise replicas of real-life birds. Perhaps even more surprising, they aren’t even reproduced from photographs, but are hand-drawn on sheets of paper using tools as simple as colored pencil. [Read more...]


We Love Friday!- Swan Love

Friday 03.29.2013 , Posted by


With the belief that swans mate for life, they are a symbol of love and fidelity. So much so that in love studies, scientists dub those cute couples who have been married for decades and still seem crazy about one another “swans” to support their claims that true love does exist. I have always been fascinated with swans ever since reading The Ugly Duckling as a child, which I misinterpreted thinking that a swan was still in the duck species, but only the lucky ducks become swans. [Read more...]

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