Watch This Swiss Cyclist Absolutely Crush a Ferrari on a Rocket-Powered Bicycle

Forget pedaling. Swiss cyclist François Gissy hit a blistering 207 MPH on his rocket-powered bicycle, setting a new world record. He performed the stunt November 7th at Circuit Paul Ricard in France, running a number of test laps on his lightly modified bike before going for top speed. His time to reach it? Just 4.8 seconds!

Preferred Mode: Portraits Showcase Bicycle Style in New York

New York City overflows with fashion, and the bicyclists there are no different. Photographer Sam Polcer documents the cyclers’ style next to their bikes all over the city. He tells a little bit about each person, the bike they ride, where they are and where they are headed on The images and facts have been compiled in a vinyl-bound book called New York Bike Style which is available for purchase on Amazon. It’s like a fashion magazine for bicyclists and the perfect coffee table read.

The Empire State Building Made From Bicycle Tire Tracks

With one of the most effective public transportation systems in the world, NYC is one of the best cities to live without a car. But you miss out on a lot of sights when you’re underground, and you don’t need a metrocard to get around the city when you have a bicycle, weather permitting… Bike culture is huge in NYC, which is why artist Thomas Yang was inspired to create a piece that showcases a New York City icon made out of inked bicycle tire tracks. Using 7 different bicycle tires, he produced a beautiful image of the Empire State Building.

A Bizarre Communal Bike Ride For a Good Cause

Aerolian Ride 2

If you’re into biking but feel like you need something new, you may want to try this alternative ride that is making its way around the world. It’s called the Aeolian Ride, and it takes biking in a whole new and wacky direction. It consists of wearing a nylon suit that inflates as the rider gains speed on their bike, creating shapes as it puffs up into three types of figures: a bunny, a bubble or a drop. Yeah, that should break your biking boredom.

Moniker: The Coolest Bike Handlebars You’ve Ever Seen

Taylor Simpson Design Antler Handlebars 1

So you think your bike is cool? Think again. These handlebars are probably the most rad bespoke cycle gear you can get your hands on: genuine deer antlers fused with recycled metal to create a completely custom and completely awesome riding experience. As the pointy horns equally custom box proclaims, you’re sure to “leave your mark.”

The Big Apple From a Bicycle’s Point of View

Though some might think it would be crazy to bicycle through one of the busiest cities in the world, those who have been to New York City know that often times a bike can be faster than a cab in getting you from one place to the next, and a lot more sanitary than public transportation. To show his friends what riding a bike through the Big Apple feels like, sports photographer Tom Olesnevich attached his DSLR camera, upside down beneath his bicycle with a Gorillapod. The result: some outstanding shots of the city from a unique perspective.

Bike Type: Writing with Chains of Bicycle Love

Madrid, Spain based Jose Luis Romero Ramírez has a thing for flashy and unique typography. His latest creation is a bicycle chain based set of glyphs which would warm any cyclists heart. See more in the series at

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FIXIE ART: Beautiful Simplicity

One of the latest bike crazes is the Fixed-gear bicycle. Never heard of one? This type of cycle has one gear and cannot coast, since the pedals and wheels move simultaneously. If you want to see some phenomenal examples of this popular bike, check out Portuguese illustrator, Adams Carvalho’s Tumblr. He sketches some awesome pictures of men and women with their “fixies”.