Eclectic Mosaics by Chinese Artist Hong Hao


Hong Hao is considered one of China’s most famous contemporary artists today. Born in 1965, Hong Hao received his formal arts education from the Central Academy of Fine Arts, where he earned a degree in printmaking in 1989. A professional artist since 1978, Hao makes his home in Beijing, China. This month he will be exhibiting a selection of his extensive work at the Pace Gallery in Beijing from March 16-April 27.

Bizarre Expanding Paper Sculptures

Li Hongbo Paper Sculptures header1

Bending like etherial images from our dreams, the insanely complex sculptures of Beijing based Li Hongbo look solidly constructed until they are surprisingly bent into long undulating shapes. Hongbo constructs his sculptures out of a multitude of paper layers, carefully hand gluing thousands together to form a solid whole – one which often looks more like white marble or resin.

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China in Flux: Counter-Culture Photographer Ren Hang

Ren Hang likes to push boundaries. Based out of Beijing, Hang delivers images displaying the Chinese spirit as it continues to be unleashed in this massively transitional period.

ROBBBB: Beijing Street Artist

Beijing, China has significantly changed in the past ten years. For one thing, hosting the Olympics brought China to another level in their history, putting them squarely in the center of the world stage. If you ask anyone on the streets if Beijing has changed, every person will agree with you.

Lost in Art: Liu Bolin Paints Himself Invisible

Have you ever wanted to get “Lost in Art?” Liu Bolin, a performance artist based out of Beijing, China wanted to, and he did it in a most unusual way. Throughout the past couple of years, Liu has been making amazing “invisible man” art all over the world, painting his clothes and body until he almost seamlessly merges with the world around him.

A Mini Post-Apocalypse: Art About Urban Decay

If you look closely at the decaying buildings photographed by Chinese artist Jiang Pengyi, you will see a miniaturized dystopian landscape of skyscrapers amongst the rubble. Created using photographs of the city, from small rooms to massive skyscrapers, Pengyi uses his works to communicate “recurrent themes of excessive urbanization, redevelopment and demolition in the Beijing city.” See more at

The Language of Four Beautiful Cities

Filmed on location in London, Paris, Barcelona and Beijing, this quartet of beautifully produced commercials are almost too seductive to be considered ad material… but that makes them more perfect still. Each film follows a hopeful traveler finding their way about the city, meeting new friends and enjoying the sights. The over exposed images are overlayed with crisp motion graphic typography that describes the scene in local tongue. The effect is elegant, educational and moving.